Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Holiday Special

I have been so busy with this school year that I feel I have neglected my store.
 It hasn't been easy, but a necessity. 

I value TpT greatly and I am so appreciative of the teachers that do buy and use my products. I am also a buyer on TpT so I know that you take the time to look for quality products. I know I do. 

I am offering a Holiday Special for a Bundle of Task Cards on CD. 

The Task Cards are valued at $49.50. 

The CD also includes my game board bundle for FREE!!! (a $21 value) 

Highly recommended for 5th and 6th Grade teachers. 
Many will fit 4th grade as well. 
Works really well for 7th graders in remedial classes. 

Recording Sheets and Answer Keys included. 

CD includes the following task cards, all available in my TpT Store:
Adding and Subtracting Fractions Bingo
Multiplying and Dividing Fractions Bingo
Integer Operations Bingo
Place Value Task Cards 
Greatest Common 
Order of Operations without exponents
Order of Operations with exponents 
Skill Set: Factors
Skill Set: Converting Fractions 
Skill Set: Order of Operations 
Skill Set: Angles 
Prime Factorization 
Decimal Operations 
Least Common Multiple 
Number Operations Word Problems
Algebraic Expressions Word Problems
Money Word Problems
Geometry & Measurement Word Problems 
Measure of Spread  

This is the same CD I have offered in the past (summer 2015). I know that I have many new followers and want to make a special open for this holiday season. These task cards will save you time and be a great asset to your classroom success! 

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