Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cookbook Conversions Project- FREEBIE

I have shared about our Cookbook Conversions project before. But, now that it is over, I want to share one last time and post the freebie, which I have been meaning to do for a while.

Students had to prepare a food item to share with their classmates. The students did really well. They brought in a variety of items.

Pasta salad! They gobbled it up!

Didn't want them to eat this one! It was too cute!

Gotta love Math and gummy bears!!!

Serious overload one day!

I had so many great projects turned in. I couldn't take pictures of everything.
There were some days that we had an abundance of food. I tried to limit for each class, but I was just glad they participated.

The main part of the project was to learn conversions. That was half the grade.

Our Math consultant from our Region Center created this projected. She gave me permission to share it for FREE!

I love the clarity of this project. Rubrics are clear and students know what is expected. For me, parents knew what was expected and that was a huge plus for this project!

The magnitude of this project was a first for me, but I am so glad we did it and it is definitely a keeper! Hope you can have some fun with it too!

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