Monday, June 2, 2014


I have missed the past few months of Currently's, but wanted to get back on track this month. 
I finally get to join Farley's monthly linky for June. June? WOW! This calendar year is flying by.  

Listening: We are in exam schedules and because most of my students are exempt because they passed their state test, we are just hanging out. I have iPads and such for them, but honestly, it's mostly just chatting. 

Loving: We have 3 more days, I can't say I'll sleep in all summer, but I won't be waking up to an alarm clock until August!!!! 

Thinking: I will probably move up to 7th grade with my students next year. I never imagined this, but I am okay with it. I like these kids, they are good students. There's a hand full of them who I want to strangle, but I think knowing what makes them tick from the beginning of school will actually be helpful. Plus, I already have relationships built with their parents, which is very helpful. 

Wanting: 2 hours and 20 minutes is TOO long to be with my students who do not have to test. To be honest, I am bored. 

Needing: I am ticked off about something and it is affecting me at work. I need to get over it and move on, but I am struggling with it. It is making these last few weeks miserable. Have you ever known what you need to do, but just can't do it? I guess its my own pity party. Seriously? Will I ever grow up? 

Bucket List: I can't jump on the weight loss band wagon again. But, I have to do something. My goal is to walk this summer, I have NO EXCUSES!!!!!  I am starting small, but doable. 
I absolutely must clean out my boys' closets and room. It is ridiculous in there and I am about to throw everything away. We just have too much stuff. No one should have that much stuff. We must down size!!!
Moving to 7th grade means I have to take TWO certification tests. I am NOT happy about this at all. I have spend 20 years in "elementary" and now moving one grade level changes everything. It's expensive and annoying, but if I want to move up, I have to do it. I was expecting just one, when the second one came about, I started rethinking my move. I guess time will tell. 

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  1. Hi Elizabeth! I enjoyed reading your post! I am curious, though. Which two certification tests do you need to take, and how can they force you to move if you're not already qualified to teach that grade level? Best of luck for a successful year, but first, enjoy your summer! Carol

  2. Just came across your blog in a round about "Pinterest" way... And was just checking to see what a fellow 6th grade teacher was up too. Love your currently list such a great way to share.... May have to do that in some form with my students in the fall. I was tickled that my eyes grew wide when you said that you were thinking of looping.... Could not imagine teaching 7th grade... And it might also have something to do with teaching 120 students a day. Good luck with the certification exams!!

  3. I had to chuckle to myself when I read your "needing" as it totally resonated with me!! I tend to run away from problems when they bug me like that! Soooooo I'm looking for new jobs... I hope you're able to find a solution and/or peace about it!

    Learning to be awesome

  4. I am sooooo there with you on the having to wake up to an alarm clock part! I am looking forward to sleeping in as long as my little one allows me too! Also, looking forward to being about to stay up later too!