Friday, November 1, 2013


Five for Friday! 
It's FRIDAY!!!! 
It's also November 1st!!!! 

October seriously flew by for me. I knew it would. My family had a five day vacation smack in the middle. It was a nice break, but made a normally long month, short. 

With a holiday this month and next, 2013 will be over before we know it!!! 

I procrastinated preparing for this week. I think it has to do with all the rain we have had lately. It just makes me lazy. I love rain though and we really need it. 

So, Sunday night, I am searching through my files and can't find something I need from a blogger. I instantly email her and she very quickly responds and viola! I am ready for the week!! 

I have mentioned before, but I bought a store this summer from Danielle at Live Love Math and it has been wonderful!!! 
This week we used her Area for Composite Figures stations. Wow! My students were blown away. 

I won't let them use the phrase, "this is hard" in my class. I make them say "it's challenging", and boy was it. 

It was more than helpful in finding area, it was great computation practice and placing decimals when multiplying. So many teachable moments. 

We had hat day. (Put a cap on drugs). Gotta say, love these days!!! 

Thursday was Halloween and a TWO hour delay! 
Thanks to the rain we badly need, we had flash floods and had a two hour delay, on Halloween!!! Like that day needs anymore distractions!!!! 

My son's school did a cool thing for Halloween. Instead of allowing kids to dress up and a do a glorified "storybook character parade," they had a Halloween science vocabulary parade.  
See last year my son was a power ranger and I searched like mad for a power ranger book so he could wear his costume, that is not a storybook character. 
This year though, we had to choose a science vocabulary word and make a costume. 
Yes, it was a project for mom and dad! 

My 2nd grader said, "Can I watch you do my project?" 
We spent about 30 minutes in Hobby Lobby brainstorming and buying stuff. The idea was for my son to be precipitation and have beads hanging down the hat to represent rain. 
After several attempts and a little frustration on my husbands part (downside of being a perfectionist and a procrastinator), we have a wonderful Cumulus Cloud! 
Note: Cumulus was spelled wrong on the vocabulary sheet sent home from my son's school, so his shirt is spelled wrong. Bummer. I didn't even think to double check it. My son loves his shirt, but he is not wearing it in public misspelled! 

My 6th graders completed a Halloween themed activity. It was crazy sock day. Students were allowed to dress up too. I didn't this year. I wish I had, but things are just too crazy around here. 
Click the picture for the FREEBIE. 

Trick or treating of course with these two precious boys!

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  1. Two hour delay? Oh my! Bet your kids were wound tight! I got sorta lucky this year. I missed the Halloween party and all that jazz, but today I am missing it! Go figure!

    Love the cloud costume... very clever!

  2. Boy, do I sure miss you on FB Lizzy!! I'm glad I found your blog!!
    Love ya,

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