Friday, July 25, 2014

Five for Friday- CAMT 2014

I spent this week in Ft Worth at CAMT
It was awesome! 

Sunday night after checking in, we went to the Stockyards, 
ate some yummy food and saw some local sites. 
We headed back to the hotel and checked out all the sessions we had to choose from. 

 These are some of the fun ladies from my department. This picture says it all, 
This was us walking to dinner on Monday. 

Day 1 of  CAMT: I met my favorite bloggers!!!  
Jennifer and Jaime from 4mula Fun and Miss Math Dork
Seriously, I cannot express how much I admire both of these ladies. Their blogs are awesome and 
I have used so much of their products with my students. 
Meeting them just felt right. 
Plus, I was actually the short one. That never happens when you are 5'10!! 

The same with Danielle from Live. Love. Math. 
I own her entire store, I use everything, it's amazing!!! 
She even helped my 8th grade teachers after their scores came back low. She offered, on her own, to give them resources. This is what I love about this blogging world. 
When we met, we both said, I feel like I already know you, 
She's a shorty though! HA! What I am used to!! 
I even got to attend my last session with her and actually have time to chat. It was awesome! 

I could have gone home at this moment and it would have felt completely worth while! 

I know there were more awesome bloggers there  that I missed. I wish I could have met everyone. This definitely made me want to do the next TpT conference and meet more of you wonderful bloggers! 

The one thing about CAMT is sessions are first come, first serve. This means that sometimes you do not get into a session. You learn really quickly to get there early and wait, especially if it's someone you really want to hear. 
This was the line to see Dinah Zike, day 2, an hour and a half BEFORE her session. Craziness I tell you. 
I have seen her multiple times, so I passed. 
I actually got into all but one of the sessions I wanted to go to. 
I will be blogging about the wonderful, and not so wonderful sessions I attended later in the week. 

When I wasn't in a session, I wandered the exhibits. DANGEROUS!!! 
I had a budget, but I blew it! Typical. It's a good thing my husband does NOT read this blog. 

I immediately bought the special the Math Teachers of TpT were having. 
10 AWESOME teachers on this CD!!! Can't wait to delve into it. 

I treated myself to some teacher shirts and earrings. 

Miss Math Dork made these earrings. They are soooo cute!!! 

I bought this super cute word wall cards. What a talented artist, Catnip's Word Walls.

At the last minute I bought this number line. This is not the one I bought. I bought mine for 6-8 obviously. It's still in the box though. I could have waited and let my school buy it, but I was in a shopping mood! 

These were just fun buys. I love QUIET dice and that is ALL I use in my room. 
I am excited about the self checking operation games for my students, but also my own children. I have one that starts multiplication this year. 

And that pen. I bought each of my little boys one and the great thing about little ones and they thought I brought back something magical. Best $2 spent all week! 
Yep, I went nuts and I loved it! 

I did rush home Wednesday to spend with this sweetheart. It was our wedding anniversary. I hated to be gone for a second of it, but the trip was well worth it. 
We went to dinner, with kids, to celebrate. No way were my kids letting me go out without them, they missed me too. 

I have so much to share with you about the actual conference, so I'd better get busy on that. Plus, now I am finally excited about getting prepared for this school year. It's about time, summer is ending soon!!! 


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  1. You've definitely got some cute new resources for the year! I’m gearing up for a big giveaway on my blog on August 11 - come stop by so you don’t miss it!!
    Beyond The Gradebook

  2. Holy heck! What a week it was! I was sooooo incredibly excited to meet you! You are an absolute JOY to be around :) Thank you for the shout outs, and the hugs, and, well for just being AMAZING!

    All my love, XOXO
    Jamie aka MissMathDork

  3. Love your Math Teachers ROCK shirt. I need that minus the math part. Lol! Love all your pics!!!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'