Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Green with Envy- Not in Las Vegas

I am NOT in Vegas and I am GREEN with envy of all those teachers who are. 

I wish I had made a better attempt at going for the TpT Conference. 

I LOVE Vegas, we go every year, sometimes we go twice a year! My hubby and I were there in February. We planned to go back this summer, but my son's medical expenses changed those plans. I didn't teach summer school this year, now of course I am kicking myself for not. 

I keep seeing all the posts about Vegas and I am stalking all the fun on instagram! As jealous as I am, I am glad to see all that is going on. 
#tptvegas2014 if you want to stalk look too! 

There's even giveaways going on, even for those of us at home. 

Check this one out, for an Erin Condren Planner. Holly has some great photos of it on her post. 

Good luck! 

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