Saturday, August 8, 2015

Our Teaching Tribe August Challenge

Super excited to participate in this blog hop with another tribe I recently joined. 

This month we were challenged to trade a product with another blogger. We were asked to make it and decide how we would use it in our classrooms this year. 

I was partnered with Lessons with Coffee.
 I have already worked with Jameson in the past, so it was comfortable.
 I feel like she's a good buddy of mine. 

 I made her show what you know board for exit tickets.
She was super sweet and actually made this bright version for me because she knew that was my theme. 

I can't wait to hang it in my classroom. It just needs to be laminated and stapled to the wall.
I already have the exact place in my room ready and waiting. 

Exit slips are great ways to find out what misconceptions and errors your students might still have after a lesson. I have used them in the past to plan my warm up for the next day. 

This chart is perfect size for students to take a post note and "Show What They Know".

Be sure to check out her other versions as well. 
She's done all the hard work for you! 
And her latest one too

Now check out Jameson at the next stop by clicking on the picture.  

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  1. This is perfect ! I have been looking for a product to creat exit ticket ! Oh I love the bright neon color theme . It is my theme as well! Thanks for joining the blog hop :(

  2. Very cool concept and a great mini assessment tool. I love the bright colors too.