Monday, February 24, 2014

Mathematical Monday - Foldables

Have you heard the news? 
TpT is having their first Thursday and Friday sale. 

It's another BIG one.  28% off, now, that's a DEAL!!!

I'll be joining in the fun. 

And now, for Mathematical Monday with I Heart Recess.

We started a new unit last week. It's over statistics and graphing. 

Time for some new foldables. 

My students made this one for Mean, Median, Mode and Range with a substitute. I was pleasantly surprised when I returned and they turned out like I expected. 

This foldable is from 4mula Fun 

We made this one when I returned on Friday. 

You can get this foldable here for FREE! 

We begin graphs today, so I wanted this foldable completed before hand so we could start collecting data and creating graphs right away. 

Plus, it was a relaxing Friday activity. They took a quiz and then cut all that colored paper which they love! 
As they were working, I overheard one conversation. "This class always goes so fast." Then they proceeded to say which classes felt long. All of our classes are 55 or 50 minutes in length. I told them it's because Math is Fun. Not sure they bought it, but I love that they aren't bored in my class. 

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  1. So cute! Love how you used the flippables in your classroom! Keep it up Elizabeth!

    Jennifer Smith-Sloane