Saturday, February 22, 2014

Saturday Motivation- Stampin' Fun

I haven't blogged for a week, because we were in VEGAS this week! 
Of course, it was a GREAT trip. The weather was amazing. It was also very relaxing. We went because my father in law was there on a business trip. He planned things for us. My husband golfed several days with him and his friends, we went to several shows and multiple dinners. It was truly a great treat. This was not our typical Vegas trip of staying out late, gambling and acting like are still in our 20's. (we'll save that trip for this summer) HA! 

Taking a trip in February though, meant some serious sub planning. Because Monday ended up being a bad weather make up day, I had to plan for a sub for FOUR days! It was so much work. I am kind of anal about leaving my class. I know I do too much, but its how I stay sane. 

The best part was my kids were so happy to see me on Friday. I mean, I felt like a celebrity! They would see me and yell down the hallway, "YEA! Mrs. Hodges is back!" or "Finally, she's back!" I had several kids come and hug me and wanted to me to promise to never leave again. 

They knew where I went too so they were very curious how my trip went. I just think kids are so funny sometimes. Even at sixth grade they can't really picture their teaching as a "real person" with a life outside of school. 

When I returned I was pleasantly surprised to see many of my students had complete their individual homework banners. I shared this several weeks ago here. I had to go from the class banner to individual banners to keep kids motivated since the other is taking so long. We do have one class that has spelled, "home". The others are dangling.... 

But this is working! 

This is only half of the students who completed their banner while I was gone! They all received a free homework pass for completion and they loved it!

You will notice I sign each letter they color. I sign my initials a gazillion times a day it seems. Well, not anymore! My husband found this cool stamp in one of the Vegas stores. 

Those are my initials. My students thought it was for Elgin High School. I guess it could work, but no! I told them, we are the middle school anyway, but I liked their guess. Some also didn't know my first name which I kind of thought interesting.

Now, I probably just have to mix up the color of ink I use and they'll get excited over that. Sometimes, kids are so simplistic. 

Happy Saturday! 
Be sure to head over to Joanne's over at Head Over Heels for Teaching and join in the motivation! 

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  1. Glad you had a great time in Vegas! I'm the same way about leaving my class and sub plans, and agree, too much work to plan for a sub! And, I bet it felt so good to feel the love when you returned! Sometimes this helps students realize how much they appreciate us! LOL Glad your students are motivated by the individual homework banners and your stamp is awesome! Thanks for linking up Elizabeth!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  2. That stamp is really cool! I like the idea of a homework banner. Thank you for sharing this. :)


  3. I still haven't been to Vegas! When I do end up going, I'm going to expect you to tell me all the best places to go and what to see! Glad you had a fabulous trip!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'