Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Math is Real Life- November

I have wanted to participate in this linky for some time, but never have gotten around  to it until now. 


For Halloween, we invited our baseball team and their families over. I had over 60 people in my house. It was chaos for a while. I was thinking about 50 or so, and with two kids not showing, I knew we'd be okay. We always do this to ourselves too. But of course, I wouldn't have it any other way. We love our home being the "go to home". 

I decided to make mummy dogs and serve witches brew. Each guest is asked to bring something to share. We always have tons of food and left overs too. 

First, the witches brew: I just wanted something green for them to drink and found this cute hat to go with it. If I had been more clever (and not sick last week, I would have done a face, but oh well) All it includes is Welch's Watermelon juice and 7 Up. Easy and yummy! 

As the hostess though, I feel I have to make sure we have enough food, just in case. 

Normally we have BBQ's and when I buy hot dogs I have the old age problem of buying enough buns since hot dog packages and hot dog buns are not sold with the same number in each.

For mummy dogs though, I was using crescent rolls. 

I set out to get the hot dogs... 
I got 4 packages of 16, 64 hot dogs. I figured this would be enough because not everyone eats hot dogs and there would be other food as well. 

To my surprise, our HEB (it's a Texas thing) had a wonderful coupon for FREE smokies when you bought the big package of hot dogs. I got these for FREE!!! Each package is $3.98, a savings of $15.92!!! You know I was happy about that!!! 
My husband has a recipe for "drunken weenies", always a big hit with the adult crowd. 
(yes, only adults. The name means exactly what you think) And when I told him they were FREE, he was even happier to make them. 

So, after scoring big in the meat section, I head off to get enough crescents. 
JACKPOT! I have 64 hot dogs and crescents come in rolls of 8!!!!  
This could not have been easier for me. 

In my head, I was thinking one roll per hot dog. 
In reality, that is not what I needed.
I cut the crescents in strips, so I had plenty. 

The end product, well, one plate of the end product. 

Notice that our mummies are blind. We don't do condiments at our house so I didn't have mustard. No one seemed to mind. As a matter of fact, I actually had to open a hot dog package that I had in my fridge for my kids. So instead of making 64 mummy dogs, I made 72 mummy dogs and only used 6 of the crescent packages. There was no need for me to stress about having enough. I am  thankful we didn't run out though. The mummy dogs were a hit with EVERYONE, adults and kids! 

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  1. This looks like so much fun!!! I'm flying in next year!

    Thanks so much for linking up!
    Jamie aka MissMathDork