Friday, November 7, 2014

New Students and Interactive Notebooks

I got a new student this week. We are about to finish our second six weeks of school 

I am on page 59 in my interactive notebook. The day she walked in, we were using our notebooks for new notes AND classwork. No need to panic because I have been creating extra notebooks with my classes. 

I have one notebook for myself, and a second notebook that just started off as a sample, but has everything in it.  I have been creating them along with each class period. When students are absent, I use their journals so they don't miss out on important notes. 

Since I had this second extra one, I just handed it to my new student and viola', she is right up to par with us. 

Then I was sad because now I only have one extra notebook. 

So, I got another journal and numbered my pages and checked into my "extra foldables" and have started another interactive notebook.
These extras are from me making them with my students even when there are no absences. Some are examples I made before teaching, etc... I don't have everything we have made, but I have a good amount. I had enough that starting this journal in case another new student comes will be worthwhile in the end. 
 I don't know if I will go back and add everything, but at least now I can continue working along with my classes. 
  • The extra notebook was perfect for my new student. 

  • The extra foldables I kept were perfect for me to add to another journal. 

I felt like both processes were win win!!! 

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  1. You were so smart to do this! I need to start an extra notebook ASAP!

    Fit to be Fourth