Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tried it Tuesday- Relays for Halloween

This is how I survived Halloween in middle school last week. 

First, I was comfy all day in my jammies! 

Our students are allowed to dress up and some teachers participate as well. Here are just a few... 

There were more, I just didn't get many pictures. 

And now for  my tried it with Holly at Fourth Grade Flipper  

At CAMT this year, I bought this: 

This was one of the many AWESOME activities included: 
 Integers! Spooky Day Relay - A fun way to review.

Perfect since we just finished integers! 

If you don't know about Miss Math Dork's relays, they are awesome! They are designed for groups of 4 (some of mine were groups of 3, but we made it work) Each round has a question for each student to complete, so all students are working, ALL the time. Love that about this activity! For each round, one student will draw a portion of the end picture. Groups work at their own pace, which is also very nice. This was so much fun. Not one "monster" was the same for any of  my groups. 

Here are the students working together to solve the problems. 

Here's a few of them drawing.... 

These are ALL the final products! The names at the top are their team names for the day. 

Some of my take a ways from this activity: 
  • My students need to learn how to work better in groups. I was kind of shocked by some of the mean comments made about each other's drawings. We had a few "life lessons" talk throughout the day. 
  • I have some great artists in my classes 
  • Vocabulary is huge! My students didn't know what a "torso" was. Great teachable moments happened with this activity. 
  • My students had F-U-N! and they were pretty vocal about it too. I love that they had fun and were able to practice some math skills on a wild day anyway! 

Be sure to check out all Miss Math Dork's Relays! I will definitely being trying more with my students! 

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