Saturday, September 15, 2012

Door Contest

Our principal issued a "friendly" competition amongst our staff.

We were challenged to decorate our doors with our college theme. As a staff we voted on the top 5.

                                                                    This is my door:
I'm an Aggie from Texas A&M. My blood is maroon.  My door says, "Unwrap the gift of Education"

And another Aggie...

My next door neighbor is a Texas Tech Red Raider... boo hiss. But, I do love her door.  Plus, she won 2nd place!

We live east of Austin and we are surrounded by burnt orange which is the worst color ever! My house is divided in this area so I am used to it, but hate it! (in a friendly rivalry kinda way)

 The Longhorns are known for their clock tower, so this is pretty cool

Other Texas Schools

This door won 3rd place. She had lights attached as well, wish I had taken a picture before they were removed.

This door tied for 5th place
We do have out of staters as well.

   Also tied for 5th!
I like that this teacher showed who also attended Purdee. Lots of famous people our kids can relate to!

It's all in good fun and the purpose is for our students too see the different possibilities out there past our small town!

So, what does your door look like?


  1. Whoop! Love it! At our school Aggie teachers outnumber everyone else! I love that my teammate is also an Aggie. I grew up in Austin and do not miss that ugly orange being everywhere. :)

  2. neat idea; what did your principal give as prizes? Thought this might be something I could share with my principal!

  3. We did this a couple of years ago. I graduated from Angelo State like one of your teachers. I am saving a picture of her door in case we have to do this again!

    Aggie teacers outnumber Longhorn teachers at my school also.