Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tell Me Something Good

I am linking up with Rowdy in First Grade for Tell Me Something Good.
I really need this today. I feel overwhelmed with every aspect in life. This will help me focus on the positive.

Something good from School:
After three weeks, morale is good. I am the new department head. We have experienced a GREAT deal of turnover,  but we are a strong team and work is fun to go to. I feel I have procedures in place with my students and they know what to do when class begins and what the expectations are for homework, journals, and class participation.

Something good from home:
My two year old changed day cares this August. He now attends our school day care for employees. It has been a amazing. He cried everyday at his old day care when I left him. Now, he hugs and kisses me goodbye. His class is set up more structurally and its more like pre school than day care. He even has homework! But it is fun and age appropriate. It is so calming to know I leave him in such good hands and that he isn't sad when I drop him off.

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