Monday, March 11, 2013

March- Monday Made it!

I am in my kitchen drinking coffee and eating a warm healthy muffin. My children are still sleeping so it is quiet and it feels FABULOUS.

Monday also means, Monday Made it!!!!

Last month, I made these cute valentine's for my own children to give their friends at school. Thank you Pinterest. They were so quick, easy and inexpensive!

Tammy Mitchell Designs

I also made Zucchini chips from Pinterest and at first I thought it was an epic fail, but actually they were pretty good. I will definitely try it again.

Pinned Image

Thanks to Andrea over at For the Love of Teaching Math, I made these games for my students to practice finding circumference and area of a circle.

I taped the game pieces to a unifex cube so they could move around the board easily.

I also made this foldable from Live Teach Create.

Then I created this foldable just like it for graphs. Get it free HERE.

I also made these great cards from the same person @4mulafun. All I have to do now is laminate when I get back to school.

And lastly, I created a Teachers Pay Teachers store. I  took the plunge! I have made a few projects for it too, but mostly I am just adding the free things I posted since starting my blog. It's slow going because it takes time and that is one department I am lacking.
My first priced item is Mean, Mode, Median, Range task cards. Click here to check them out.
Maybe this week during SPRING BREAK!!!!
I can make and post more products and get this store up and running.

Happy Monday and here's to a PRODUCTIVE Spring Break!!!

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