Friday, May 24, 2013

Eyes on Math K-8

It's Friday! I am starting a 4-day weekend! Exactly what I needed if you read my post yesterday. I have had a great nights sleep and I do feel so much better.

Time to link up with TBA for some FREEBIES.

I am really excited to share this with you.

I received some free presents this week from our ESL consultant. I knew they were coming, but had forgotten, so it was like Christmas when they arrived.

I immediately opened one and thought, THIS IS PERFECT for all my students  but especially second language learners.
Book cover

The idea is that students will learn the deep mathematics through visualizing. 

I really want to give you an example of the book, but I can't. But don't worry, you can see it on the Teachers College Press website. It's good stuff math teachers!!!! 

I underlined this sentence from the short intro chapter: 
Building a math talk learning community is an integral step in improving mathematical understanding in a classroom. 

This is sooooo my philosophy! I am going to love this book!

Then as I was reading it, I saw that all the visuals are actually a FREE download.

The book is awesome though. It has the guiding questions that teachers should ask when using the visuals. All the work is done for you!!! No, I am not selling this book, I just don't want anyone reinventing what is already there for you.

I also love that this book is for K-8! I have access to the lower levels for my struggling learners, but also the upper levels for the advanced kiddos!

I also like that the authors encourage you to create your own visuals. They even give you help doing so! That is great teacher love there!

I can't wait to try this next week with my kids. (I see a Tried it Tuesday post developing,  maybe???) I also think this will be great for summer school.

Check out the FREE visuals from TC Press. You can download in either PDF or JPEG.

Happy Friday! 

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