Sunday, May 5, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Sale and FREEBIES

I am joining in on the sale over at TpT for May 7th and 8th.

I have a really small store. I have as many free items as I do paid. I also price my items fairly cheap. I am not trying to get rich, I just want to share. Some things take me a little more time so I did decide to start the store for a reason, I will be honest. I guess I have some work to do this summer.

 This blog has helped me stay motivated after a really tough first year in middle school and I am so thankful for the blogging community.

So, my products are 20% off plus, use the promo code TAD13 for another 8% off.

If you want, just look around and grab the free stuff I have posted.

I also want to make sure you get a great freebie I have that I am not posting in my TpT store. It's something our math consultant made, that she can not sell. It's longer than what TpT likes us to post as freebies, so I loaded it onto Scribd. I posted about it here. We used it for a Saturday camp we had before our state test. It's a really fun cruise ship theme rotation. You may not be able to use it exactly as we did, but it can be adapted for your needs. It was super successful. I see myself trying this type of rotation again for other skills.Click on the picture to get it FREE!

I hope you have a terrific teacher appreciation week and check out all the great bloggers having sales this week!

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