Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tried it Tuesday- My deals!!!

It's Tuesday and time for Tried it Tuesday with Holly over at Fourth Grade Flipper.

There is so much going on. It's Teacher Appreciation week which has been crazy. I am trying to appreciate my children's teachers, my department and stay up with appreciating my readers and my TpT store. Just a busy time.

But, I also want to take advantage of the great sales of things I want for myself!!!! I realized my wish list is really lengthy and I needed to go through it anyway.

I also am experiencing some changes in what I am going to teach soon. Here in Texas we didn't adopt the common core, but our Math standards are changing. We are preparing for those changes NOW!!! Ironically, I matched my new standards with the common core and they are super closely related.

That is nice though because when I see things I want from the bloggers I stalk, I know I can really use them.

So, today, I "tried" some great deals! I am so anxious to print them, laminate and start using them!!!!

Here's a few things I purchased. I was like a kid in a candy store!!!

I think Miss Math Dork has amazing resources!

For the Love of Teaching has incredible, fun engaging math games. I've been eyeing a lot of her stuff. Now that our standards are changing, I can use many of her games, I bought several!

I have been wanting the file folder games for a long, long time.

4mula Fun has awesome 6th grade resources, and I finally bought the homework bundle. So excited to get these ready for next year!

I have also joined in on the sale at my own TpT store. Check out the deals if you like. Plus, there are lots of freebies there as well.

As I look these over, I am getting so excited, I may just have to go back and get more! (This is dangerous! Anyone else having the same issue?)


  1. Common core proponents are yelling they are just offering standards to school boards and parents, not curriculum.

    When the big progressive corporate powers that be bought out all of the Independent Math Curriculum Companies, they made certain to dumb them all down knowing that when curriculum committees went looking for a "world class" Math book, it really did not matter which one was chosen, because they all stunk.

    Heads they win, Tails we lose...Suckas!

    Here is what they did to Saxon Math:


  2. These resources look great! I need to check them out:)
    Fourth Grade Flipper