Friday, October 11, 2013

Five for Friday- GIFTS and a FREEBIE!

Friday!!! A 3 day weekend for our students! 

We have staff development on Monday. I LOVE staff development!!! I know, some think I am weird, but I do love it. 

I started my week this week attending a staff development in downtown Austin. I live two miles from my school. I drive about six miles a day including day care for my three year old. Needless to say driving Monday sucked!!! There was so much construction and traffic. I needed a drink before 9am!! 

I attended the Texas Association of Secondary Principals Conference. It was all about The Fundamental 5 by Sean Cain and Mike Laird. 
Have you heard of it? It's based on 5 principles and how doing all five improve schools. We read the book last year as a campus. Easy read, and I believe easy to implement in your classroom. I highly recommend it. 

I loved it! It was geared toward administrators, which I am not. But, I still found it very useful. I am a teacher leader, that is why I was selected to go. I can't wait to share with my department. 

They ended the day with motivation speaker Arik Bostick. He was ca-raaaaaaa-zeee! It was great though. 
Check him out. Seriously, if you need some motivation, he will inspire you! 

Fired Up! Success

Back to work on Tuesday where I learned I had a pitiful sub!!! I was so disheartened. I spent so much time preparing. I had to reteach and pretty much clean up the wasted day my students had. They were troopers though. (I love these kids) They begged me never to leave again. See, they learned, things could be worse. 
I actually ended up making a complaint and this particular sub is not welcome back at our school. I will be out three days next week so I am a bit freaked, but I have already gone to principal and asked for a good sub or one of our co-teachers, since its an extended time. 

I received a box of goodies from Reddigifts. It was like Christmas. It was so nice to get these donated by a person I have no affiliation with. I have a serious thank you note to write this weekend. I had some students who brought pitiful binders to school, now they have brand new ones! Their faces lit up when I gave them the new one. So thankful for people who give so willingly. 

Yesterday, I finally checked my mailbox at home and my SLANT box came. I was thrilled. I branched out and switched internationally. I love my sweet gifts and her cool note! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! 
I will be honest though, as much as I love the SLANT exchange, my crazy, busy life doesn't work for it. I am forgetful. I don't even have a Wal-Mart in my town so I forget to go get things. I suck as a giver. I don't want to though, I just know, I have to get a handle on the important things in my life before I can venture out and sign up for "extra stuff". 

I shared about my order of operations project on Tuesday. I had a great response and people were interested in the project. Well, it's Freebie Friday, so here you go! 

WARNING: I posted that as a Word document so you could change it up. The dates and directions are for my class. Be sure to read through it and adjust as necessary. I think the most important part of it is the rubric.  Click here to get the freebie. 

I have more to share, but no more time. So, wrapping it up and getting to work! Ha! I am such a procrastinator!!! 

Happy Friday all!

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  1. That is awesome that your Reddit gift came in! I love that they threw in some candy too.

    Digital: Divide & Conquer

  2. My hubby was at that same conference! We had Aric Bostick come talk to our teachers in our district a few years ago before school started and he was AWESOME!