Thursday, October 16, 2014

8 weeks of Interactive Notebooks- TONS OF PICTURES!!!!

I cannot take it one more minute. I have to write a post, a good quality post!!! 

I have a huge list of other things that need to get done, and we have baseball games tonight, but I miss blogging. I miss sharing what my students are doing. 

So, I am putting my foot down and I am writing this post!!!! 

Plus, for those of you who I let down with not getting my post about left sided stuff, you can see what I have done. (I am so sorry for that BTW) 

We have been in school for 8 weeks and our interactive notebooks are in full force. I LOVE THEM!!! 

I will let the pictures do the talking! 
 I hate blank pages, but we are revamping our "Brain Dump" since our standards have changed this year. This will NOT remain blank. 
 These are students resources given to us by our State. We practice using them so they use them on the state test. 
  Divisibility Rules on right side
 I shared about my students writing in their journals this year as well here
All of that was review. 
Then we started our first unit. 

 Left side: their classwork!!! 

 After each assessment our students complete a "data dig" and keep their info in a pocket so we can compare how they did on future assessments. (I know, I need to blog about those data digs, they are so effective!!!) 

 The left side here are their warm ups. I create a page for each unit because I don't want them thinking warm ups are not important. 

 Page 30 and 32 were homework assignments. We are trying to do some flipped classroom assignments. This was my first. It wasn't hugely successful, but it did work. (For those who did the homework) This is a work in progress still. 

Left side: more class work after meeting with me at the "teacher table" for a new standard we are now teaching; fraction notation. 
 This is now a 5th grade skill for us here in Texas. But, my students didn't receive it, so I had to squeeze it in. 

This is where we are right now: Operations with Integers. 

We have only talked about multiplying and dividing so far. 
We start adding and subtracting tomorrow! 

My students are actually going to come in tomorrow and work on these word problems. 

What I love: 
I love the unit table of contents. It keeps us up to date. 

I love the colors. I have been fortunate to get my hands on some fun colors. 

I love the foldables. If you know me, there is no explanation needed. 

I love the use of the left side for student work. It's hard sometimes, but it gets done. And when it gets put on the right side, who cares? It's student work people!!!! 

What I dislike:
I am on day 38 of school and I am in Unit FOUR!!!!
But, that's another post and I don't have time for that soap box! 

The foldables seen above can be found at my TpT store

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  1. WOW Elizabeth! You've been busy! Your notebooks look great! What an invaluable resource for your students! Thanks for sharing so many pictures (I'm a visual person!).
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  2. Elizabeth, I am amazed and inspired and angry all at the same time! Let me explain the angry part first - this is the first time I read your blog, specifically this post from I am angry for when I see how my 7th grader son is being taught at his middle school, they don't do anything such as this. Solely old school, put problems on the eyemo and work them out, assign daily homework and then have quizzes. Well, my son is getting an F in math, why? He is totally bored and I would be too! I feel cheated as a parent. Your interactive notebooks and the brain dump are what keeps the middle schoolers going when their minds are on clash of clans, minecraft, being cool and the opposite sex, oh yeah, how to get your hair just right and socks. I was amazed that my son's teacher still taught ccss Math 7 this way, boringgg! Plus, the kids cognitively don't get it. Sooooo......thank you for your pics (I'm a visual person too!) For I can make my son an interactive note book similar to yours and go from there...
    I also teach, but currently not in a classroom for my family just made a big cross-country move to CA but I wanted to say I am inspired to create an anchor chart such as yours for the Brain Dump corner when I get hired again. I am amazed at how much fun for it will be for me as a teacher to help my future students create their interactive notebooks and to utilize your method for the Brain Dump (writing it down) for state assessments. I am inspired to do flipables and foldables and possibly my own blog since I have time now, but I will still stalk yours! Many thanks!!

    1. Thank you so much for this comment. This is why I do what I do and why it is so important we share with everyone!!!

      Stalk away, I don't mind one bit!


  3. Good Morning,
    I was wondering where I could find your Ordering Rational Numbers on a Number line? Thank you.

  4. Good Morning,
    I was wondering where I could find your Ordering Rational Numbers on a Number line? Thank you.