Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sparking Motivation- Spirit Days

Linking up on this rainy Saturday with Joanne. (At least here it's raining.) 
That means, no sports for my kids, which means I actually have time to blog. 

Recently, our high school had homecoming. 
Since we are so small, one high school, one middle school, we celebrate too! 

We had dress up days each day one week. It was pretty fun. 
I wish I had more pictures,  but you will get the idea. 

One thing we need to motivate our kids with is BEING AT SCHOOL! Attendance is a big issue for us, so having these spirit days really does help. Getting teachers involved helps too. The kids are always wondering which teacher will dress up and how he or she will look. It's was loads of fun! 

Disney Day was big. Mickey and Minnie were spotted every where in our school that day! 
Tinker bell showed up too and check out the Queen of Hearts in the background! So fun!
  Queen Elsa too! 

Twin day fun too. 
This is one of our assistant principals and the principal. 
Perfect twins!!! 

On Thursday, we threw back to our favorite decade. 
If I could, I would pick the 50's to live in. 
Grease is the word! 

Lots of 80's ladies around too! 

Their with me! 

This is one of my students. I emailed her mom and asked her to include this on my blog. 
She was hysterical. I am normally never speechless. 
As I was passing out their warm ups at the door, I look up and see her. I just stopped and laughed. 
She had some fun all week! 
 Teachers will do anything to wear pajamas to school. 
They threw it back to their baby days! 
Which sickens me that they are 80's babies! (So young) 

These two ladies, used to be my partners in crime,
 but now they are far away from me in the building. 
I love them though and their choice fit them perfectly!!! 

 Friday was purple pride day! 
Love how she worked in some fun slippers! 

Does your school do dress up days? Do you participate? 

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