Thursday, October 9, 2014

Tried it Tuesday- Online Assessments

Good luck for me that Holly has her Tried it Tuesday open so I can post on 
"Tried it Thursday". 

My school went 1:1 with iPads this year. 

With this comes a lot of technology stuff. 

One of those is testing online. 

As a math teacher, I don't like the idea because I want my students to 

So, here's the compromise: 

They only do the answer document online! 

Students had their test along with their iPad for the answers right at their desk. 
They could show their work and submit the answers. 

They could enlarge their document. 

When complete, they click score test and that's it! 
For students who didn't finish, they click save test and they will come see me during advisory. 

Some logistics: 
I do have to go in for each class and click start and stop online testing. This way students do not have access to the test unless they are in my room. 
For just using an answer document, its not a big deal. But, it is possible to include the questions for our online testing. Our Science and Social Studies teachers do this, so my students knew exactly what to do for their test. It was so easy. 

What I love! 
1. As soon as they hit "score test", I know their grade! 

2. I do not have to go down and "scan" the scantrons in between breaks or classes or after school. 

What I don't like
1. Online doesn't allow for griddable practice. 

My solution: 
I included griddable practice in their study guide. 
 This is the exact griddable our students will see on their state test. 

Will I continue using online testing? 
but I am not giving up paper and pencil. 

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