Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Wonderful Wednesday- Equations vs. Expressions

If I tell you it was a wonderful day, maybe it will be! 

No, today was not too bad. I want to share quickly about something I whipped up, literally. 
(This is when having first period planning is useful)  

We have started our algebraic unit which is my least favorite to teach. 
Even last night, I was dreading what I was going to do. 

But, thankfully, Jennifer at 4mula Fun has a freebie that I was able to use. 
You can get it here

I needed to teach the difference between equations and expressions. I wanted an activity to go along with my notes and yea, this one was PERFECT!!!! 
 I made one for equations and one for expressions, printed them on colored paper and along with a simple foldable, it was a great activity! 

And... I received a walk through while using them!!! PERFECT TIMING! 
See, it was a wonderful Wednesday! 

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Happy Hopping! 

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