Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sparking Motivation Hodge Podge

Middle Schoolers are H-A-R-D to motivate. 
I feel like sometimes I have to stand on my head and do flips. 
Other times though, the simplest of things will get them working. 

Today I have a hodge podge of things to show that help my students stay focused! 

They aren't ALL into sports, but they know I am, so some of them just humored me. 
We predicted Sunday's outcome. 
I did this last year too. 

Guess, we will find out tomorrow....  

 Peer Tutoring 
The student on the right is tutoring on the right. 
She is UH-Mazing. Seriously... She "teaches" them and then says, "Do you understand?" 
Hello? She checks for understanding??!!!! 
Another student yesterday said, "Mrs. Hodges, Genesis could be your substitute" 
Yes, she could! 

 They love listening to music while they work. I am fine with it as long as they have headphones. (they can only do this during independent work time) 

 Math Apps on their Ipads
This is 5 Dice, a very challenging app. 

This is Door 24. They LOVE this one. 

Cooperative groups 
During Daily 3, one of the stations is Math with Someone. 
My students are really good at completing their work and using a lot of "Math Talk" 

My boys do it too! 

They loved this activity from Middle School Math Moments. 
This was one we completed when practicing exponents. 

Hope you enjoyed seeing what I use, a whole bag of tricks!! 

Now click on over to Joanne at Head Over Heels for Teaching and see other motivating ideas! 

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