Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Tried it Tuesday - Daily 3... in a Middle School Class

I officially started Daily 3 this week. It went extremely smooth and that makes me nervous. Maybe its too cold for my students to act up! 

I have my chart ready! All I have to do is move the table circles as we go. 

I have tables labeled. This is new for us. The students actually love them. 

If you know anything about Daily 5 or Daily 3, I charts are created for expectations.
I needed one for all of them and done quickly for students to know what was expected of them during these rotations. 

This was my solution. I created a power point and have it up the entire class period. 

Also listed is what is being done at each rotation. This way while I am working with students, I am not getting bothered with questions like, "Where do I find this paper." or "What do I do now?" 

These are my kids at Math by Myself: They are completing a Secret Message activity with ebackpack. 

Here they are in Math Writing: They are taking Cornell Notes using videos from their textbook. 

And Math with Someone, they are creating a picture on quadrant grids. 

So far, so good. I am pleased with the work they are giving me and that they are taking this serious.

Now we are on to week 2 of Daily 3. I don't have new pictures though, but I have adpated it some. 

I have 54 minute classes. Students need at least 20 minutes for each station. I found that splitting a station between days can get confusing, especially with 4 classes. 

So, I am structuring it like this: 
Day 1: Mini Lesson for whole class, One station for all students 
Day 2: Two stations, plus time for warm up and completion of assignments. 

We will do "two sets" of stations in the week and I am leaving Friday open for make up work, reteaching, etc. Time will tell how this will be structured. I am trying to be flexible and really make it work for my students. 

This week's stations:
Math by Myself: Multiplying and Dividing Decimals Secret Message 
Math with Someone: Creating Tables 
Math Writing: Vocabulary 

Math by Myself: Final Exam data review
Math with Someone: Equations Match with Gameboard 
Math Writing: Comparing and Contrasting additive and multiplicative relationships

It has gone beautifully! My students are engaged and getting work done. 

I will get more pics out ASAP!!!! 

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  1. I REALLY like this idea and would LOVE to talk to you sometime before next school year to see if this is something that I can implement. I seriously love it!

  2. you know I will!!! I will work out all the kinks!!! :)


  3. I am very interested in doing Math Daily 3 in my 7th grade classroom and I would love to see what your weekly schedule was like in middle school and what resources you used for the activities you did with your students.

    My email is