Saturday, March 21, 2015

Math in Real Life by 6th graders

I'm late to the party, but this is too good to pass up. 

For our LEP (Limited English Proficiency) students we are required to complete writing samples and turn them in to be scored by our ELA teachers. Each core subject must submit one. It is only required for our LEP students, but we have all students complete it in class. 

I only have 10 LEP students this year. So, my other 81, I can do what I want with their papers. Honestly, I usually throw them away. But this year, they were looking pretty good. 

We cannot give them a prompt. My directions were to write 1 page about how we use math in real life. 

What I got is priceless!! So glad I didn't throw them away! 

This is how my sixth graders feel Math is used in real life. 

I love that she understands you have to pay your bills first, then buy other stuff! 

I was able to decipher that he is talking about keeping stat for a basketball game! 

Math is really important in banking, AGREED!

Such a true statement! 

Seriously? What kind of teacher doesn't know math? (I just chuckled at this one) 

This was priceless, mostly because I know the student! I love his honesty. 

This says, "Math follows you everywhere, it is so crazy, right?" HA! 

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