Sunday, March 15, 2015

PI DAY 2015 - Motivating Kids!

Wahoooooo It's finally here! 

I have been so excited about this Pi Day for a while. Not because it so EPIC, but because we were actually in school so we could celebrate it!!!! 
Normally we are on Spring Break. 

So, Friday the 13th, became Pi Day in our class!!! If I could I would have them come on the 3/14, but Saturday? Nah.... 

I finally got to wear my shirt I ordered months ago!!! 

I decorated my white board with these freebies

And made stickers for each of my students. 

I have Moon Pi's for all my students!!! 

I made them find the circumference and area before they could eat it. 

Their warm up was to graph their favorite P-I-E! 
Since we just finished our statistics unit, this fit right in!!! 
Chocolate pie won, and next was other because I didn't add pecan pie as an option. 
I will add that next year. 

And now, how I motivated them to be excited about Pi. 

I gave them the Pi Memorization Challenge last week from Teaching Math by Hart. Each class had a winner and then the grand champion! 
This was fun! I am very proud of their hard work! 

The prizes:

The winners: 

Grand Champion with 51 numbers!!! 
She received a FREE Pizza Pie!!! 

Had to get one with all of them! 
Girl Power! 

I told my students if they attempted it, I would make it extra credit. I had 61% of my students attempt. I thought it was a pretty good "turn out".

We actually did a few more things, but they are not complete, I will post about that later though. 

Pi Day was loads of fun and I just hope my kiddos remember it and remember that Pi is important!
Be sure to link up with Joanne for how you motivate kids!  

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  1. That sounds like fun! We were on Spring Break this year, and I think that we normally are around 3.14. I like the little contest you held and even made it more motivational with the extra credit! :)
    Simple Insights