Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Made It

I am so excited about my Monday Made It today. I have had a fun week. Since I am officially off, I am checking things off my list. 

First,  I checked my Pinterest boards and decided it was time to get some things made, not just pinned. 

For my home: 

I am claiming I am early, not late in making this one. Don't tell anyone, but I bought these hearts in February. Good planning right? 

Started with this: 

Our family is big so this is heavy. But, I am thrilled with it. A few thumbtacks and it is safely hung. My "little helper" had to be in the picture. 
Up close: 

My boys all have long names, and only one is shortened. It was a challenge, but it worked! 

For school: 

Miss Math Dork, aka, Jaime, made her name a few weeks ago. I made mine after "pinning" hers. (checked off my list) 


A while back, I saw these on Holly's Tried It Tuesday. I forget who shared it. If you was you, let me know and I will give you credit. These are Power Towers. Cans and Dixie cups for students to practice facts, sight words, etc. Simple and something I know my students will love. 

Before:  Telling my husband I needed him to eat some Pringles and save the cans for me, easiest part ever! 

 I choose to do multiplication facts for 6-9 because my sixth graders still struggle with this. (Husband has to eat another can, poor guy!)

I am very excited to use these with my kids. 

I also laminated a bunch of stuff, but I won't bore you with those pictures. Off to continue checking those things off my to do list! 

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  1. Love your name! That is so cute. These pics are encouraging me to finish the fish unfinished jobs I have on the go

  2. I love your name you made. The colors go together perfectly. Did you stick the paper on the name using modpodge? Very cute idea!!!


    1. yes, I was a mod podge crazed woman this week!


  3. Your power towers are great...I do remember seeing these around, but thanks to you I now have added it to my to do list. :)
    Rock Stars At Work

  4. Elizabeth! I LOVE how your letters turned out! AND... I need to go buy some Pringles - those towers are going to be a super hit in resource this year!!

    Mathematically yours,
    Jamie aka MissMathDork!

  5. How dare you make your usband sacrifice himself and eat Pringles! Making him do the heavy lifting for sure, I hope you let him sit back and relxas after that tireless and selfless act.

    I do like that game though...I might have to go eat some Pringles.

    Digital: Divide & Conquer

  6. LOVE the letters! I bought cups last year for Power Towers and never ended up makin' them. My little stinkers ended up usin' my cups to sneak to the Culligan machine in my office. This reminded me to pick up some more! Very cute!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  7. I love the color combo on your letters (I'm horrible at mix-n-matching colors/patterns).

    Your heart banner is sooo cute! It's perfect for Valentine's Day.