Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spring Break Reflections

Spring Break is just too long and I miss my students dearly, said no teacher ever!!!

Spring Break did not turn out how I expected. 
Warning: There is nothing school related in this post.  

We were scheduled to go to San Antonio Monday through Wednesday. My son was scheduled for surgery Tuesday morning. We were glad to be doing this during Spring Break so he and I wouldn't miss more school. 

Tuesday morning we woke up at 5am and headed to the surgery center. Thankfully the hotel we were in was close, but it was early! 

Long story short here. My son had a low grade fever and his oxygen levels were low so they wouldn't do the surgery. Obviously, we wouldn't take a chance for complications, but I was disappointed. 

We decided not to go home and just stay in San Antonio like we had originally planned. I made an appointment with our pediatrician for the following day and we just hung out. We couldn't do much, but we did go to the movies. That Mr. Peabody is really cute, at least the boys liked it. 

We came home Wednesday afternoon. Saw the doctor and just hung out. His oxygen was fine. He has a lower respiratory infection and is being treated for that. 

Thursday was a wasted day. I had to help my husband with something and it took all day. 

So, it's Friday. It's Pi Day. I love this day. We are always on Spring Break on Pi Day. It kind of stinks. My 16 year old wants me to make a pie. He's comical! 

I have so much to do. I had hopes for getting so much done while my son was recovering. I have today. I am hoping to make it productive. But, the youngest has woke up a little sick. I feel kind of yukky. And the to do list looks a little overwhelming. 

Emotionally I am drained. 

And now, its Saturday... 
I did work yesterday. Actually went to school for a few hours and copied a bunch of stuff. My lesson plans are done for next week. 

We now have a new surgery date. March 25th, which is also my birthday. 
This is a Tuesday. I will miss four more days of school. Hollister will miss four days of school. I am not happy. Now I have four days of sub plans to write. The state test is inching closer, I am starting to panic!  

Not only am I emotionally drained, I am now officially sick. I have two days to suck it up before school on Monday. 

Spring Break has not been enjoyable, it has not been relaxing.
I want a mulligan! (That's a do over for you non-golf people!) 

I am being a downer, I know. I am in a funk. I have to get out of it. 

I am blaming the weather. 
Spring break means, SPRING, not two weeks before Spring officially begins. I am blaming our state colleges. They are the ones who determine when their Spring Break break is and our districts match theirs. 

If you actually made it through this miserable post, I am  so sorry. I promise to be more upbeat with my next post. 

For now, this is where I will be: 

Here's another of my WINE QUOTES I'm working on.

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  1. Ugh. How disappointing! I agree that you deserve a mulligan!

  2. You DEFINITELY deserve a mulligan. :( I'm so sorry that your little one didn't get to have surgery like originally planned and that you are sick. No bueno! Don't you dare feel bad about being in a funk. That's what blogs are let it all out. Sending you virtual hugs and hoping your day goes smoothly tomorrow. XO
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'