Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tried It Tuesday- Flies, Flies, Everywhere!

Today for Tried It Tuesday, I am sharing a lesson I got from another blog. 

This lesson comes completely from Math = Love. I pretty much read her blog and copied how she taught coordinate pairs and a coordinate grid. She has all the PDFs on her blog. 

My students LOVED it. 

These foldables were so fun and easy to make. Plus,  they are full of information. 


The following day, when they came in, yellow flies were all over the room. They loved coming in and seeing the flies everywhere. I made them bright yellow on purpose. My room is covered in posters and stuff, so I needed them to stick out. I wanted them to walk in and know something was different. One student even walked in from the hallway who I have later in the day and said, "What are the flies for?" I made her wait until 6th period to find out. 

Some of them, honestly didn't even notice them until I said, "Go get a fly from the wall." 

Every student had a ordered pair to place on the grid. It worked so well.  When students made mistakes, i would just ask, "are they correct?" At least one student knew they weren't. I just facilitated, they taught each other. It was really a great activity. 

Afterward, one student said, "Now, I get it." 
Another said, "This is fun." 

Those of course are words that make me love what I do. It was cheap to make, really cheap. It took an hour of my husband's time.Yep, my wonderful husband made the grid for me. He is a perfectionist and it really bothered him that it wasn't perfect, but I think it is awesome! 
He isn't into my school stuff. He stays far far away from it normally. But if I ask, he always helps. 

I bought a cheap shower curtain and my husband already had the electrical tape. I had the duct tape at school. Seriously, cheap
 He is such a perfectionist! Don't tell him he's on my blog though. 
He wouldn't like it. It'll be our little secret, okay? 

The almost finished product. I had the duct tape at school so I added that before class. 

I love it and I love the activity. It's a keeper! I found it in December, and kept reminding myself I wanted to do it when we finally got to coordinate grids. The grid held up with 130+ feet on it and all types of shoes. It folded up nicely and neatly and it made for a wonderful Monday activity. (The Monday before Spring Break, I might add!) 

Don't forget to link up and Holly and share what you are trying! 

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  1. I'm so happy to hear that your students enjoyed the lesson! Your coordinate plane turned out great!

  2. Your lesson looks so engaging Elizabeth! A+ to your husband-awesome work! Is he talking orders?
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  3. This is awesome, Elizabeth! I love teaching the coordinate plane and if I ever get to teach math again, can you have your hubby make me one?!? :) Haha! Now you'll have this mat to use over and over again each year! Thanks for linking up, friend. :)
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  4. I WANT one! I am going to con Jerm into making me one! Love the idea of the flies on the wall. I always say, "You have to walk through the hall (x) to go up the elevator (y). I like the running and jumping idea.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  5. Awesome activity. Definitely pinning if I have to teach math again. Thanks for the shoutout on my giveaway :)