Friday, April 18, 2014

Five for Friday- April 18th

I am home today and it feels great! I am finally getting laundry done. (My washer was broke for 3 days and holy moly, I am behind!!!) I am getting caught up on my family blog which I know my in-laws and mother will be happy about! 

Plus, I am just enjoying the day off! 

Most of my 5 for Friday has a theme for some reason. It's all about what I am planning to post about this next week or the following week. Why? because  I have so much to write about, but not as much time to actually write. So today, I will tease you a bit. 

Okay, I know this looks like I should have just deleted this picture, but the more I looked at it, the more perfect it seemed.  Monday was our first STAAR Camp. This pretty much sums it up. There were HUNDREDS of kids and it was all a blur. 
I will be posting separately about this, after we have our second camp next Monday. 

During review week, I have moved my desk around several times.

This was for an order of operation relay. (I'll be posting on that later too)
I thought it was funny because when the kids came in, they said, "Are we testing today?" 

I cannot wait to show you what I made with these. They turned out very cool! 
I will definitely be posting about how I transformed these to use with my students. 

I also can't wait to post about these and what they turned into. 
This has to be the biggest "art" project I have done with 134 students. My students and I learned a very valuable lesson, sometimes you just have to go with the flow. 
I just had to laugh or I would have cried all day and probably had a nervous break down.

Enough teasing,  let me share something really cool from Erin at I'm Lovin' Lit. She is hosting a special fundraiser bundle sale. 

She has gotten with lots of TpT sellers and created a K-2 bundle and a 3-6 bundle of GREAT products. 

She is raising money for her nephew, Jaydon to go to Washington DC. Each bundle is being sold for $10.00. When you see the included products you will know, THIS IS A STEAL!!! 

         K-2 End of the Year Bundle: Jaydon's Fundraiser          End of the Year MEGA Bundle for Grades 3-6: Jaydon's Fundraiser

Happy Friday all and hope you have a wonderful weekend! 

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