Monday, April 7, 2014

Mathematical Monday- Review Time

We have TEN school days until state testing, T-E-N! 

We have officially covered all material for sixth grade Math. 

We have spent a lot of time spiraling throughout the year with warm ups and various activities. 
Now, I have TEN days to review everything!!!! 

Last year at this time I was scouring blogs for ideas. I became overwhelmed. I had so many great ideas, but time to get it all together and stuff made, etc... well, that wasn't happening. I know it all worked out, but I remember stressing way too much. 

My life outside of school is stressful enough, I cannot add school stress right now. They don't make enough wine for that! 

So, as my team and I were planning, I have done two things. 
1) I stopped being so bossy and let my partners do some things. I am not a good delegator, I end up just saying, "Ill do it, "I'll make those copies, "I'll make that game", I'll do that power point this weekend", etc.  
This week, I did a little better. I am still doing a lot, but not everything. 

2) I am making use of the AWESOME resources I have purchased this past year on TpT! Sometimes I find great stuff on blogs and TpT and forget about them. Not this time. 

I am making another Jeopardy game from the template I purchased from Kendra Passarelli earlier. It is so easy to edit!!! 
Jeopardy Review Game Editable Template

I am using the STAAR review Task Cards I have gotten from Live. Love. Math. Remember, I bought her whole store!!!! My laminator and her products have been my life line this year!!!! 

I love task cards. We are incorporating them in different ways though. 
STAAR Prep Task Card BUNDLE - Grade 6

FYI: She has an 8th Grade Bundle of activities and 7th Grade as well!  
You should just check her store out, she has a ton of GREAT resources!!!  

We are including them in different games and activities. We are using them as warm ups, I am including them in my Jeopardy, and I am using a set for a whole class activity called "Inside/Outside". (I'll write about that after we do it and I have some pictures.)

It has been really easy planning, mostly stress free and that is my goal for the rest of the year. 

What do you do to review a whole year of standards? I'd love to know. 
Be sure to link up with I Heart Recess to share what you are doing in Math. 

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  1. Good luck on your testing! I am sure your students will do a great job!


  2. I have F-O-U-R days...I'm flipping out. Every year I think I get more stressed. Today I'm sure my blood pressure was through the ROOF! I'm proud of you for letting go of some of the bossiness. That is my BIGGEST downfall. I'm the bossiest person I've ever known. YAY for finishing all 6th grade material! You've got this!!!!!!!!!!!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'