Friday, April 11, 2014

Scantron and Griddable Practice- FREEBIE

Happy Friday! 

First of all, you did you know today is #LoveMySchoolDay? We received an email from our Superintendent today informing us of that. She encouraged us to shout out about our school and be proud of who we are! 

So here's my shout out! 
We are the ELGIN WILDCATS!!!! 
I truly am proud of my school. It's my third year here and it has been the hardest thing I have ever done. Middle School is tough. 
But, I am proud to be a teacher here and I am proud of my students here! 
This is our community and WE ROCK!!! 

Today I am including a FREEBIE for those of you who still take scantron test. 

We still have students that make errors on their scantrons by leaving bubbles blank, using pen or marker (this only happened when I was absent!), and then making mistakes on griddables because they won't pay attention to the place value. 

These are examples of real mistakes my students made. 
It drives me insane when they write WHOLE numbers behind the decimals!!! 
This is a place value issue!!! 

How do you forget to color in FOUR questions!!! 
This student made a 67 because of this. His grade would have been a 93 if he had just colored in the answers he had in his test booklet! 

This is common. Students forget to color in one answer choice. 
This student would have had a 100 on his test. 

This is what happens when you don't follow directions and use a pen instead of a pencil, you can't erase your mistakes!!!

If you can't tell, this student used PURPLE marker on his test. I had a sub that day, this would never have happened if I had been in class. But, that student KNEW better!!!! 

So, before our state test, we dedicated an entire day to error analysis of scantrons and griddables. 
This is how my two other sixth grade teachers did this activity. They placed them in the hallway and students worked together to solve. 

Students had to recognize that they can not wrinkle or fold their scantrons. These type will not be graded! 

The students have actually had a lot of fun with it. I keep hearing, "Who would forget this? or "Who does this?" I am just laughing, because they are ALL guilty at some point! 
Hopefully,  this will help with them pay a little closer attention when they take their test. 

I know some of you have gone digital and don't have this problem, but I hope those of you who still use scantrons, can use this over the next several weeks. 

It's the newest FREEBIE in my store. 


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  1. We just took a field test for a new standardized test and they DID have to bubble in multiple choices for one question. After years of ONLY bubble in one choice. There was definitely some confusion. Argh Great idea for "gridables" I think you called them to review how to correctly fill in the answer.