Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Have you heard? I am sure you have! 
TPT is having a HUGE sale celebrating it's 3,000,000 milestone!

Have you loaded your basket? I have! I am so excited!!!

Click here to check out my store. Everything will  be 20% off along with the discount from TpT. 
A savings of 28%!!! 


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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tried it Tuesday- New Divisibility Foldables

Recently, I have been creating new foldables for next year. So today, I am sharing them for Tried It Tuesday with Holly over at Fourth Grade Flipper

I teach divisibility first thing in the school year. It isn't one of student expectations, but students need it. 
I included a match book foldable in a center for them and it was good, but it took a LONG time and some students didn't even finish. So, for next year, I have these two options: 

For this foldable, students will only have to cut out, and complete the front. 

Another option is to make a flap foldable. 

Both of these foldables are available in my TpT store and will be part of the sale this week. They are sold together, so you get two foldables for the price of one! 

I am excited about both options next year. Now, I have to decide which one I want to use. 

Be sure to start creating your wish list for the big sale this Thursday and Friday! 

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Mathematical Monday - Foldables

Have you heard the news? 
TpT is having their first Thursday and Friday sale. 

It's another BIG one.  28% off, now, that's a DEAL!!!

I'll be joining in the fun. 

And now, for Mathematical Monday with I Heart Recess.

We started a new unit last week. It's over statistics and graphing. 

Time for some new foldables. 

My students made this one for Mean, Median, Mode and Range with a substitute. I was pleasantly surprised when I returned and they turned out like I expected. 

This foldable is from 4mula Fun 

We made this one when I returned on Friday. 

You can get this foldable here for FREE! 

We begin graphs today, so I wanted this foldable completed before hand so we could start collecting data and creating graphs right away. 

Plus, it was a relaxing Friday activity. They took a quiz and then cut all that colored paper which they love! 
As they were working, I overheard one conversation. "This class always goes so fast." Then they proceeded to say which classes felt long. All of our classes are 55 or 50 minutes in length. I told them it's because Math is Fun. Not sure they bought it, but I love that they aren't bored in my class. 

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Saturday Motivation- Stampin' Fun

I haven't blogged for a week, because we were in VEGAS this week! 
Of course, it was a GREAT trip. The weather was amazing. It was also very relaxing. We went because my father in law was there on a business trip. He planned things for us. My husband golfed several days with him and his friends, we went to several shows and multiple dinners. It was truly a great treat. This was not our typical Vegas trip of staying out late, gambling and acting like are still in our 20's. (we'll save that trip for this summer) HA! 

Taking a trip in February though, meant some serious sub planning. Because Monday ended up being a bad weather make up day, I had to plan for a sub for FOUR days! It was so much work. I am kind of anal about leaving my class. I know I do too much, but its how I stay sane. 

The best part was my kids were so happy to see me on Friday. I mean, I felt like a celebrity! They would see me and yell down the hallway, "YEA! Mrs. Hodges is back!" or "Finally, she's back!" I had several kids come and hug me and wanted to me to promise to never leave again. 

They knew where I went too so they were very curious how my trip went. I just think kids are so funny sometimes. Even at sixth grade they can't really picture their teaching as a "real person" with a life outside of school. 

When I returned I was pleasantly surprised to see many of my students had complete their individual homework banners. I shared this several weeks ago here. I had to go from the class banner to individual banners to keep kids motivated since the other is taking so long. We do have one class that has spelled, "home". The others are dangling.... 

But this is working! 

This is only half of the students who completed their banner while I was gone! They all received a free homework pass for completion and they loved it!

You will notice I sign each letter they color. I sign my initials a gazillion times a day it seems. Well, not anymore! My husband found this cool stamp in one of the Vegas stores. 

Those are my initials. My students thought it was for Elgin High School. I guess it could work, but no! I told them, we are the middle school anyway, but I liked their guess. Some also didn't know my first name which I kind of thought interesting.

Now, I probably just have to mix up the color of ink I use and they'll get excited over that. Sometimes, kids are so simplistic. 

Happy Saturday! 
Be sure to head over to Joanne's over at Head Over Heels for Teaching and join in the motivation! 

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Motivating Students- When a TV Crew Shows up in your Classroom

It's not everyday a television crew shows up in our classrooms, but when they do, trust me, students are MOTIVATED! 

My school was recently highlighted on our local news for the progress we have made in Math over the past few years. Because I am department head, actually talking to the news fell upon me. 

We did a shoot in January, but for whatever reason, it never aired. They contacted us again this past week and asked to re shoot the footage. 

It aired last night. It's kind of embarrassing, but also cool! Of course, I am second guessing my choice of clothes. What was I thinking? I should have stood up straight! 

But, what's the story about? 
Here in Texas, our state offers a FREE computer program called Think Through Math. I know Live Love Math has blogged about it. I mentioned it before, but for some reason, haven't blogged about it much. 

In our school, we require students to pass two lessons a week. We do take grades for it as well. It is all outside of school, but we offer after school tutoring and Saturday times for them to use computers. It is very successful and our scores have risen. We do believe this is part of the improvement. The story really focuses on that aspect. 

If you would like to see the story, click here

Be sure to link up with Joanne for all your motivation ideas! 

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday Made It- February

First for home: 

My husband's birthday was last week. He is kind of hard to buy for, plus I don't shop that often. 
The day before, I took my teenager and we headed out to about ten different places to get lots of "stuff" for this man basket! 

It has lots of his favorite things. He eats out daily, so I bought several gift cards to places I know he eats. 
It was a success! 

I made this during the summer and finally able to hang it up! 

Last month I was also busy making school stuff. 
I made these for the Super Bowl and Groundhog day. Both were a success. I will do both activities next year. I will have to update the super bowl one, but click here for the ground hog activity, for next year, I know. 

I also made these for my classes. 
We are currently using the individual homework banner incentive. It is going well. I blogged about that here

We used both the Algebraic Match and Balanced or Not Balanced Activities as well. They were both great success!

This flippable has been a great addition as well. My students use it whenever they have questions about integers! It's become one of my favorites.  

Plus, I made products that I purchased as well. 
Integer Task Card Bundle

Tweeting Expression Cards

January was a busy month and flew by for me. I am sure February will be the same way. 

Can't wait to see everything people made! 

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Friday, February 7, 2014

Five for Friday-Cold Day Edition

We are having a "cold day" off from school. yep, cold, not snow, not ice, COLD! It's a bit absurd if you ask me, but of course, I wasn't consulted. 

This is our THIRD day off from school due to the weather. We only schedule 2 make up days in our calendar. We will see how the district handles this and when we make this day up. 

Well, I am doing Five for Friday with Doodle Bugs, Cold Day Edition: Showing Productivity

My laundry is complete! 
Now if someone would just put it all away! 

I squeezed a work out in! 

Lessons plans are completed for the next TWO WEEKS!

My next six weeks calendar is complete! 
This is what we are required to have for each grading period. The yellow are daily grades, the green are major grades. 

I am working on some new interactive foldables and a Black History Month Math Activity 

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