Saturday, May 30, 2015

Big Changes for 2015-2016

I still have one week of 2014-2015 school year,  but like everyone, plans have been made for next school year. 

I am officially moving to 3rd grade!!! 

Yes, from 6th to 3rd. And yes, I am freaking a little. 

A few weeks back, we had a shift in principals for two of our three elementaries. My boys' school had one of the changes. The assistant principal moved up to be principal and she called me to come down to 5th grade. 

I was in! 
Both of my kids will be there next year and I have wanted to go to school with them, so this was perfect timing! I'm happy where I am though, so leaving is not as easy as it would have been a few years back. 

For those of you have haven't been long time readers, I spent 17 years in elementary before my adventure into sixth the past four years.

This week though, I was told it might be 3rd grade, not 5th. Honestly, I was not happy. Moving from 6th to 5th isn't that big of a deal. But 6th to 3rd?? Eeek! They will seem like such babies. 
I also found out that another co worker of mine is going to the same school and also 3rd grade. We were chatting about the move and the changes and our fears and such. 

We have both actually taught elementary before, so we know it will be fine, but its change and everyone fears change. 
After some talking back and forth, we agreed to team teach. She will do reading and social studies and I will do math and science. I was fine with doing all subjects again and I think she was too, but we know each other and our styles and with so many changes, we thought why not? 

So next year, I will be a 3rd grade math and science teacher!

Hodges Herald will still remain a school blog of course, shifting a bit. 

My store will get some new additions, but I will continue upper elementary and 6th grade materials. I have tons more I want to create and share. 

Heading back to my roots I guess... 

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sparking Motivation- Attendance Challenge

Here in Texas we are swimming, literally, swimming to the end of the year. 
Serious flooding all around us. We actually missed a day today due to the flooding and start late tomorrow. Seriously. this is crazy. 
We only have 8 days left of school. I don't want to miss days or have late ones, let's get this going! 

Since I had some time today, I remembered I started this post last week to share with you about motivating kids to get to school!!! 

As we near the end of the school year, getting our students to want to come to school is really hard. 

So, I created a challenge for each of my classes. If they reach it, they will get a prize of their choice. If each person in the class period is present, we add a letter. Once the class period spells "Come 2 School", They get a prize of their choice. (within reason of course)

Most students want a free day to go outside for the class period. If the weather will start cooperating, it will be a nice break.  

Currently, I have 2 classes who have reached their goal and we are planning a free day with ice cream and outside fun!!!! 

It has been fun and something to look forward to at the end of the year! 

Be sure to check out other motivation tips at Head Over Heels for Teaching

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Monday, May 4, 2015

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week (FREEBIE for YOU!)

I hope you have a FANTASTIC week.
 I hope your students make you feel appreciated. 
I hope your administration makes you feel appreciated. 

I truly hope your week is AMAZING!!! 

In honor of YOU, 
I have a FREEBIE for the entire week. 

I appreciate you, I am one of you and I hope I can make your planning a little simpler! 


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