Saturday, February 28, 2015

What's Your Shoe Size? - Dot Plots

I feel like its been a long time since I have blogged about actually class activities. But, here goes! 
And since it's Saturday, I am linking with Joanne at Head Over Heels for Teaching for some motivation tips. 

Mine today, make the lesson relate to them and relate to your students. 

We are studying measures of variation/graphs and all things statistics! 

The first graph I introduced was dot plots. 
I decided to create dot plots with each of my classes about their shoe sizes. 

They were given a "dot" for their data. A smaller one of course. 

Then we made a human dot plot. I did this because I had no clue what numbers we would encounter and this helped me decide how to create my charts. 

I only made them turn around for this blog. This human dot plot was more for me than them because it was hard for them to see the distribution. 

Next, we made the number line together and then plotted our shoe sizes. 

From that we were able to discuss the graph. We found the median, mode and range. We also talked about the spread and identified characteristics like clusters and gaps. 

Students then made a foldable for their journals  to recreate their class data. They wrote about the findings in the top of the shoe. 

The activity was fun and oh the discussions we had about shoe sizes, growth, etc.... It was crazy for some classes. It was so interesting to see the differences and how so many of my girls have large feet! They hate it of course, but since I am 5'10 with a size 11 shoe and I have been 5'10  and had a size 10 shoe since middle school, I am able to relate to them. 

I wanted to post this today (Saturday Sparking Motivation) because of what happened after school regarding this activity. I was in the office talking to my principal and secretary. I teach both of their daughters. One daughter was actually there. We were talking about the other daughter who was absent due to a livestock show. It was just normal chit chat. It came up about her make up work and I said, " We did dot plots today, she will have to do a worksheet, it will be boring. We did a fun activity today" At that point the student standing there said, "yea, it was fun." Who cares where the rest of the conversation went, a STUDENT said it was fun. Mission Accomplished! 

I want my students to learn, but I want my students to ENJOY learning. It is why I bring work home with me and why I create activities and why I stalk blogs! 


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Monday, February 23, 2015

Teachers are Heroes Sale

I don't think anyone has to tell you that as a teacher you wear many hats. Plus, we should wear capes! 

Teachers are heroes and super, 
so that make us SUPER HEROES!!!!  

On Wednesday, TpT is celebrating YOU, the HEROES, with a site wide sale! 

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Fly on the Wall Fractions Blog Hop

I am blog hopping with a group to help squash some misconceptions about fractions. 

For me personally as an elementary teacher, when I taught fractions, I tended to say, "You can not have an improper fraction" "You ALWAYS have to simplify it". That just isn't true. I just wanted them to simplify. What I didn't realize I was doing was teaching them  to think improper fractions are "bad". 

Well, now that I am teaching upper grades, I have realized that is just wrong to teach, and I wasn't the only one because my sixth graders would come to me and when we used improper fractions they would say, "Improper fractions are bad, you can't have that, you have to change it." 

Well, not exactly! Improper fractions are actually helpful for mathematics purposes. 

Students should know how to change improper fractions to mixed numbers and mixed numbers to improper fractions. 
This is how we teach that: 

When is it helpful to use improper fractions? 
For my students adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions!!! They are given a mixed number and they change it to an improper fraction to complete the equation! 

In real life though, I don't say, I ate 9/4 of a pizza. I would say, "I ate 2 1/4 pieces of pizza." In that scenario a mixed number would make sense. 

I think my lesson learned here was to NOT teach students that improper fractions are "bad". They are NOT, they are useful actually. 

Next stop:  love2learn2day 


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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Can't Live Without It ebook

Seriously, I can barley contain myself! I am sooo exicted to share this with you!!! 
Can't Live Without It eBook: Math, Grades 6-12 {FREE}

Lindsay Perro has compiled 31 Secondary Math Teachers of GREAT stuff for FREE!!!!! 

I am excited because I am included
This is my first time to be part of something like this and I am over the moon!!!! 

Secondly, I am excited because I have just gone through it and OMG!!! the resources are AMAZING!!!! I am thrilled by things I can use RIGHT NOW!!! 

Be sure to check it out!!! You will NOT be disappointed!!!! 

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

February Currently

A new month? January went by really fast! 

Time to link up with Farley for some fun! 

Yes, I was multi tasking. I needed to call her before I got too busy with Super Bowl preparations. 

I am also into a real book! Gone Girl... it is sooooo good. I love reading a real book and not something on my iPad or phone. It just feels right. 

Is it too early to be ready for Spring Break? School is fine, nothing bad or good. I am just ready to be home I guess. 

I am pulling for the Seahawks tonight! Will you be watching? 

We have about 30 people coming for the game. My husband is smoking 2 briskets as I speak. My little guys are so excited for everyone to come, they love parties! I have lots to do though.... 

I consider myself kinda sassy, so that's why my name would be sass-a-frass! I had to keep it clean. 

Happy February and GO HAWKS!!! 

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