Monday, March 31, 2014

Mathematical Monday- QR Codes

Happy Mathematical Monday 

In Math, we are completing our Geometry Unit. 

Students took a quiz last week and most did fairly well. 

After a quiz, they track their data and then complete stations for the areas that they are still struggling. 

One of the stations will be reading angles on a protractor. Even though, our standard states they need to know how to measure angles, its actually about reading a picture of a protractor. 

Using a Protractor Task Cards with QR Codes

This activity is from Live Love Math. I bought her entire store this past summer and it has been a gold mine for me! 

Check her out, her products are wonderful! 

Be sure to check out I heart Recess and all the great Math going on over there. 

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saturday Motivation- Reason to Celebrate

It's Saturday and I am motivated! 

Did that convince you? I bet not! 

But, I did receive some good news when I returned to work yesterday. 

Check out my Homework Banner Motivation Board!!!! 
TWO classes reached the goal!!! 

The interesting fact here, is that the other classes now want to reach it!!! 

Remember, this is from Joanne's blog, she introduced this here

I adapted it to individual banners because it started off bad, but those work GREAT!! 
I have students fill those in on a daily basis. Students receive a free homework pass when they fill their banner and start a new one. 

Now, they are trying to figure out what they want for their reward. My idea was a week free of homework. They want food! We are in negotiations.  

I know, once again, this is not something new. Sorry for that. I will try and be more original next week. 

Don't forget to check out the original ideas over at Joanne's blog today!
And don't forget there is a sale going on at TpT. Lots of sellers have their products on sale. My products will be 20% off until Monday night! 

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Five for Friday- March 28th

It is FRIDAY!!!! 

This week has been weird. 

I saw my 1st-3rd periods one day and my 6th-8th periods one day all week. 
They are kind of mad at me. But, they are understanding. 

It wasn't for a vacation this time and they know it. 

My 8 year old had surgery on Tuesday. 

In preparation for being gone most of the week, we worked like mad men the week before on our new Geometry unit. 
This is the last unit we teach before reviewing for our state test. 
I spent the week before being out making sure they knew new vocabulary, concepts and had all the notes they would need for "practice" time while I was away. 
The jury is still out on how that went, but their notebooks look GREAT!! 
yes, it's a lot. We did that all i n one week. My kids were interactive heroes that week! 

My birthday was Tuesday, I spent it in a waiting room for this sweet boy. 
My son had his sixth ear surgery since 2011. 
He has massive cholesteatomas in both ears. He has lost the hearing in his left ear due to them. He has one hearing ear and wears an external Cochlear Baha to help with his hearing. 
We are on our third doctor and travel from the Austin area to San Antonio (about 2 hours) for care now. 
Cholesteatomas are "tumor-like" and eat away at the ear tissue. They cannot be ignored. This is a life long ordeal for him. He handles it like a champ. 
His surgery lasted almost 5 hours! This is traumatic for anyone! 
Afterward, we tried enticing him with crackers, but it took a while. 
Once he woke up though, he ate everything in sight. 

This week was also picture day for his school. 
He didn't want to miss it, so I took him up just for the pictures. 
I tell ya, this kid is amazing! 
His classmates were so happy to see him and his teacher just loved on him when she saw him. He can't return until next week for class. I was glad he wanted to go for the pictures though. 

And because we are kind of "stuck" at home, I have been able to catch up on reading blogs! That's about all I have managed to get through so far at least. 

Preparing for a sub for an extended time takes so much work. Preparing a family of four to be gone for three days in a hotel takes work too. We are also in the midst of baseball season for several teams. 
That is time consuming. 
Life is moving along and I am not a very good juggler, but I am trying. 
Things are not slowing down and with four weeks until the state test, it's getting crazier and crazier at school. 

This week has made me stop and check my priorities though. I am officially out of "sick and personal" days. I will begin to be docked when I take off. It sucks. We still have a lot of school left. But, my child(ren) come first. It is what it is and we will manage because we have no choice. 

And last thing...
I am joining in on the Spring Cleaning Sale over at TpT.  I really need to clean out my wish list and get myself organized. I have some time today to get it done. The sale is through the 31st! Different sellers are doing different sales, I am having a 20% off sale!!!! 

Click here to visit my store. I do have some new products that are on sale too! 

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Monday Made It- March

It's Tuesday, but I am posting about my Monday Made-It's. 
Let's just say, it is going to be "that kind of week." 

For those of you who labored through my pity party on my last post, 
I hope this one makes up for it. 

If you've been reading my blog, you have read about my first two made-it's recently.

First, my hubby made this coordinate grid for me. 
A cheap shower curtain and electrical tape: 
 A grid! 
 Add colorful duct tape for the x and y axis and there you have it! 
I blogged about how I used it here

Then, I made these Battleship boards for coordinate pairs last Friday. The game is perfect and was perfect to play the day before Spring Break. 

You can read about my classes playing the game here

I also made this fraction operation set. 

It includes, computation cards, problem solving cards, anchor charts and a flippable to make with notes. I am pretty excited about it. Check it out here. It's BRAND NEW! So new,  that I still have to print and laminate my own set! That was on the agenda for Spring Break, but didn't happen. Hopefully it will this week. 

I love the anchor charts that come with it. I will be getting these printed this week as well. Here's two samples. 

As I plan for our last unit before we start reviewing for the "state test", I have made several flippables for our interactive notes. 

This one is for angles. I found it for FREE. It is perfect for my advanced classes. 

This one is for angles, that I actually made using my Flippables packet from 4mula Fun. 

I also made this one for the Monsters Fraction Pack above. It is for sale in my store with or without the Monster Fractions Pack. 
I have two versions depending on what strategy you would like to use for  dividing fractions. 

Thanks for laboring through all my made its! Be sure to check out all the good stuff shared this week! 

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