Friday, March 29, 2013

5 for Friday

I know, second post of the day... and second, no third linky of the day.

Oh well, it's all GOOD, Friday that is... (sad pun, huh?)

1. I mentioned in my "high/low" post that Monday was my birthday. Since it was on a Monday, it meant a busy day. But, I did enjoy a night out with my hubby over the weekend. It was so fun. I love how young at heart he is and he keeps me the same way.

2. Found a new link this week. It's Tried it Tuesday from Fourth Grade Flipper. Think about linking up next Tuesday. It is pretty cool!

3. I copied-catted a lesson I found online last summer. Been waiting all year to do this. It was combinations using potato heads. I will definitely be posting about this next week on Tried it Tuesday! Here's a tease picture.

helping each other out

4. Went to pre-school sons Easter Egg hunt yesterday after work. It was loads of fun! He was hesitant at first, but once his older brother got involved, he was into it.

showing the collection

5. Had to brave the traffic downtown in the big city round here, and I am not being sarcastic. I hate it more than life itself. But, my hubby and I are running in the Electric 5k tomorrow night and it was packet pick up time. I also spend most of the day hunting glow in the dark stuff. Of course, I found tons of other fun stuff at Michael's and Party City. Man, those places are dangerous!!! I am sure the Electric Run will be part of next week's Five for Friday!

Have a great Easter weekend!

Friday!!!!! (time for some Linky's)

So many great Linky party's, I can never do just one anymore.

Found this cool link with Teacher to the Core

And because it's Friday!!!
These two activities could be used for test review in a different way.My students LOVE scavenger hunts. They have realized now though that they are learning something, but they are grateful to be out of their seats and not doing a "worksheet". Hope they are useful.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tried it Tuesday- Remind 101

Fourth Grade Flipper has a great link party.
Try something and share how it goes. It's that simple!

Recently, I tried Remind 101. It's a FREE texting service that I can have my students sign up for and text them reminders regarding my class. It's a safe way for teachers to stay in touch with parents!!!

I teach 100+ students. I tried making a mass email list, but it was too many.

I send notes, in middle school though, they do not make it home.

I also have a web site. I keep up with it weekly and I know I have parents who visit it regularly, so this works.

But for reminders about tests, projects, homework,  holidays, etc.  Remind 101 is PERFECT!

I signed up, they gave me a texting number and directions. I printed a directions sheet Remind 101 provided. I also attached the directions on my website.

Students and or parents sign up and I text them through Remind 101 when I want. I can even schedule a text to be sent out at a later date and time than I wrote it.

It is AWESOME!!! Mostly I love that I wasn't responsible for signing everyone up!

I like that my students can sign up to receive my texts as well.
Several of my teachers use this feature and the feedback is awesome.

Click for a FREE account!

Happy Texting!
(but, not while driving!)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Let's Get Acquainted Linky Time Again

Time to link up again with Flying Into First for this weeks acquaintance party.

Last week was so fun trying to lie, but you guys were good. You knew my lie, but, for the wrong reason.

Last week's reveal:
I am an Army brat, but being the youngest of 4, my Dad retired when I was pretty young. So, I was only fortunate or unfortunate to live in 2 different countries; not three. (Germany and the good old USA).
And yes, I have been 5'10 since middle school! And because of that (and thanks to my tall husband), my boys are TALL! That's why I look short in that picture.

This week's game:

The NOUN Game
The noun game is where you simply just name your favorite person, place, thing, and animal.
My favorite woman, is my oldest sister. (My favorite, man... my husband, but I wanted to be different)  My sister and I are six years apart. Growing up, we were never close. The older we have gotten though, the closer we become. The number one thing I love about her though is she still sends me birthday cards through the mail. There are always two, just something she does, and they are always PERFECT! Which means, I know she really takes her time finding what she knows is the "perfect card".
Vacation with my husband. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids, but I really LOVE going on vacation with my husband once a year. Our favorite spot of choice currently, LAS VEGAS!!! It's relaxing and there's no care in the world. No laundry, no dishes, no alarm clock. I am always ready to come home though. Absence does make the heart grow fonder.
Sadly, I have to admit my iPhone. It keeps me connected to everyone and everything in my life. My friends, family and events in my life.
Not a pet person.... my favorite animal though: dolphins, have been since I was a kid. Not sure where it began, but I think they are just cool.
How about you? Link up and have some fun!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Pi Day- With 6th Graders- Link Parade

I am going a bit link happy here!

So much great stuff going on in the blog world, I don't want to miss out!

One of my classes is a Math lab and we are studying circles. Perfect for finally getting Pi Day celebrated since we were on spring break last week.

We have read both books about Sir Circumference.
We have played games and measured fake food. Click here to read that post and get that lesson for FREE! (keep reading there's another freebie)

So, today, we blew bubbles!!! We made circles and found the diameter, radius, circumference and area!

 This is harder than it looks. You have to add food coloring for them to show up. I also added dish soap to make it more bubbly.

 These were the finished products.

 After making the bubbles, and a mess, they had to measure the diameter of six of their bubbles. Then they had to find the radius, the area and the circumference. They filled out this recording sheet. (Another FREEBIE)

It was pretty fun! Plus, we made pretty art and I hung them on my door for decorations.

My husband booked our summer trip to Vegas!

Monday, I had "weigh-out" for a weight loss challenge I was part of with my Zumba class. I worked really hard the previous week, attended 3 classes in one week and it paid off. (plus the previous eight weeks) On Wednesday, I found out I won 3rd place!!!! I was so excited!

I am seriously considering teaching summer school this summer for the first time in 17 years! Am I crazy? I haven't because I have kids and I LOVE LOVE LOVE summer break. But, my kids and I need routines and I am not a structured person.It's half days, Mon-Thurs for five weeks. Plus, the $$$ is soooo good, and I would love to have some spending $$ for #3. My good friend also offered to keep my kids for me so I wouldn't have the added expense of day care. That final decision will come soon.

Baseball season started for us. I love this time of year, even though my life gets even busier!

 Thanks for making to the end....
Happy Linky!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Let's Get Acquainted Linky Party

I love linking up for great ideas. I also like building relationships through Linky parties!

Flying Into First  has a fun one going on.

2 truths and a lie:

1. I am an Army brat and lived in 3 different countries.
2. I am the youngest of four and I have four children.
3. I am 5'10 and have been this height since 7th grade, heck, maybe even 6th.

So, which do you think I made up?

Enjoy and hope you link up for some fun!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

MS Sunday Funday- To grade or not to grade?

How I grade homework
  • Students are assigned homework three times a week on my class.
  • It is due the next day.
  • It s normally less than 7 problems.
After our warm up, we go over the homework.
  • Students who have no completed their homework, sign the No Homework Binder.
  • Students are deducted 5 points for each hw not returned and/or completed.
  • Students are expected to copy corrections on their unfinished paper. Those who not return it use notebook paper. No one gets away with just sitting in class.
If 3 homework assignments are not completed or returned, students call their parents and  are assigned Saturday school.
At the end of the grading period, students who have not signed the notebook, receive a free homework pass.
Why I give homework:
  • Students need more practice than I have time for in my 50 minute block
  • Students need to see as many problems as possible for mastery.
  • Their parents ask for it.
My system works, and I love it. All the credit goes to Leslie at Jack of All Trades for her inspiring No Homework Binder idea!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Five for Friday

This is such a fun link party. Even though I posted earlier for Friday Freebie, I am posting again.

A great Spring Break week.....

1. I woke up every day before 7:00. I know, crazy, but it made me be productive. Some days I even had an hour or two with sleeping children. I enjoyed coffee and whatever else I wanted!!!! I made a lot of stuff for school!

2. Got 2 new tires, an oil change, and renewed my drivers license. Necessities, people!
3. I attended THREE Zumba classes, in the park. Very fun, thank goodness the weather cooperated. I ran  15+ miles, drank a gallon of water everyday, and met my calorie count each day too!


4. Spent one day at Chuck E Cheese with my two younger kids, my sister, brother in law and  their four kids. We went early, so it was really nice. Even got an early birthday present, a chance in the ticket blaster! My sisters idea of a joke. It was embarrassing, but fun.

5. We celebrated Pi day here on 3-14!!!! What kind of math teacher would I be if I didn't? My kids loved it. Last night, I asked them in front of their Dad, so, what day is it? My 3 year old said, "Circle day!" My 7 year old said, "It's really Pi Day Dad!" Job well done! I blogged about our fun here.

Circle Sandwiches!  And a fun book!

I have truly enjoyed my week, both productive, healthy, and fun. I did what I needed and what I wanted. I could add more because my house is clean and the laundry is complete! Time to put the big girl pants on and prepare for the next stressful six weeks before the state test!

St. Patty's Freebie

I know St. Patty's Day is Sunday, but just in time here's a themed game board. It can be used for any grade level, and any subject. You can use it with task cards or even just dice for younger kids. 

In honor of St. Patty himself, it is free!

I have created several themed gameboards, you can check out here.

I also have task cards for upper grades. Click here to see these.



Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy Pi Day!

Math Geeks Unite! 
It's 3-14... National Pi Day!

I so wish we were in school for this day, but since we are not, my lucky 7 and 3 year old get to celebrate Pi Day with me. I did this last year too. They loved it, even though they had no idea what Pi is. You can check that out here.

1st: Apple Jacks for breakfast

 2nd: Mommy read them this book

3rd: We had circle sandwiches!

4th: I just purchased Miss Math Dork Pi package and I am getting it ready for Monday to use with my class. Click here to get your own.

5th: I ran 3.14 miles... my treadmill didn't show it though, so I have 3.17  :( I did this last year too and this year I ran much faster. That made me feel good!

6th: At 3:14 on the clock, we made circular bubbles. I am actually doing this with my students next week too. Luckily I found an art site that had how to color bubble solution and get the bubbles to show up. My boys loved this.

7th: This is on my wish list. I seriously want this. It was sold on March 6th. Wah!

Today is a fun way to celebrate Math.

Can't to see all the fun ways others celebrated this day!