Thursday, September 4, 2014

How to Make INB's Meaningful AND Interactive

If you have followed me for long, you know I am all about Math Notebooks. 
(disclaimer: I think all subjects should use interactive notebooks, I just happen to teach Math. 
But, if I taught other subjects, I would have interactive notebooks for those subjects too!)

Well, something I have become passionate about as well, is creating meaningful INB's

Did you read 4mula Fun's post last week called

Well, she asked some of us that she knows share her passion, to share with you how we make 

I am once again, beyond thrilled to be part of this group! 

Gluing a worksheet into a math notebook is not interactive. 
Have I done it? Yes, I have to admit, I have. 

I am happy to say though, that 98% of last years notebooks were interactive. 

Last year, I really focused on creating them and having my students USE them. 
They weren't just pretty notebooks, they were THEIR MATH BIBLE!!! 

This year, I have the same goal, except 100% of my notebooks WILL be interactive. 

We have been in school for less than 10 days and we are deep into our INB's.
I will be sharing my INB's and how I start them soon.
But for today, I want to share how I am making them truly interactive and 
meaningful for my students' learning. 

We reviewed Prime and Composite numbers with a new flippable. (coming soon) 

This was the 3rd day of school and I made them write in Math. I think it shocked some of them,  but they knew I was serious. 

Student Samples: 

I actually thought they did pretty well. 

Next, we started converting fractions with this flippable. 
Template by 4mula Fun 

The next day, ON THE LEFT SIDE, they worked some converting problems and then wrote about the relationship between fractions, decimals and percents. (These writing prompts are from Live. Love. Math) /
The bottom half lifts up in casethey need more room to write. 
 Students completed work under the flaps. 
It was quick and easy to walk around and check their work. 
 Students then used their work and their foldable to
 help write in their own words about converting fractions. 

My goal  is to write A LOT this year in Math. I am hoping to use the right side for the "input" I give them and the left side for their "output". 

I hope this helps you with interactive notebooks. 
I hope it helps you see how to truly make them interactive.
I promise, your students will learn, t hey will have deeper learning, no matter what subject you are teaching! 

Happy Notebooking! 

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  1. I love notebooking! The right hand page is easy for me, but I ALWAYS struggle with the left. I tend to just have the kids glue their homework from the night before in, but that is not the basis of an INB! Would love to hear some of the things you do on the left.

    Math Made Gr8

    1. Thanks for your feedback. I will get started on something to share those ideas.


    2. I'm just starting interactive notebooks for the first time!! Thanks for all the pictures; VERY helpful to see!! I agree with Brittany; I'm not sure what to do on right vs. left side! Also, do all the flaps start getting in the way? (I'm already anticipating my kids who "shove" their notebooks into their desks)

    3. so happy you have started. That is the first step.

      I have already started working on a post for left side ideas.

      No, the flaps do okay. I close my notebooks with rubberbands which has helped so far this year.
      check out this post to see that:

      Hope that helps!


    4. I'm very interested in reading your ideas for left-side ideas. I haven't committed to doing the left/right thing, but would like to do so.

    5. Thank you. I will get something posted by Saturday!!!


  2. Happy New Year! I'm wondering if you ever posted the ideas. I searched your blog, but am having difficulty finding it.