Friday, September 20, 2013

Five for Friday-Math Notebook Edition

Once again, it's Friday from a full and busy week. Time to link with Doodle Bugs for 5 for Friday.

I started this week with 2/3 of my work out buddies. 
We completed an 8k run. I like 5k runs more, but it was good afterward when we said, we finished. I was pleased with my time, there were lots of hills! Our "sergeant" as we call her, won 3rd place in her age group. She ran fast and was still upset with herself because she "could have one better!" We just roll our eyes at her. I was just glad I didn't pass out! 

Then math, math, math note booking fun. 

We started our Unit 2 this week, factors, factors and more factors! 

Prime factorization: Thanks to Runde's Room for this cute idea! 
 The left side is a warm up the next day. This way students can show what they know. 

This lead to Exponents
I have never taken notes on exponents, but I know this is going to make a huge difference next week we start order of operations. 

Greatest Common Factor:

This is FREE here.

Least Common Multiple 
Saw this on Pinterest this summer. It was easy and quick and the kiddos loved how big the M was. Next week, they will write on the left side about how to find the LCM or I might do the difference between factors and multiples since they seem to get those confused. 

It's Friday night, it's raining and we are off to our local Mexican restaurant with friends for yummy food and even yummiest drinks! Oh happy day! 

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  1. Love your notebook examples! I will be stealing a couple:). I just can't believe that you are on multiples and factors...I am so behind.

  2. This is such and old post, but it is where I am now and again, I am behind. That 2 wks out with Covid really set us back. Oh well, onward we go. Thank you for the pictures.