Sunday, September 15, 2013

MS Sunday Funday- Something Good to Share

This week Julie from ispeakmath asked to share something positive from the beginning of school. 

I have been in school three weeks. It as been GREAT!! Seriously, I am finally enjoying work again. The past two years have been hard. I am so pleased with how things have started. 

My students are sweet and overall, well behaved. 

Incorporating Class Dojo in my class has helped with my talkers and helped me manages randomization. 

But, what I am choosing to share is more personal. 

During the second week of school, before the first bell, one of my students asked if she could talk to me. We went into my room and she started talking about Girl Scouts and that she is going for something called the Silver Award. Then, she asked if I would be her sponsor. 

I was so moved. I wasn't even exactly sure what it meant, but I was so honored that she thought of me and asked. 

I am thrilled to be building more personal type relationships with my students. I know it will translate success in their learning as well. Plus, honestly, it just feels good to be liked, even by 6th graders! 

Saw this on Pinterest and this fits my classes this year! 

Keep calm because 6th Grade Rocks!

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1 comment:

  1. Hi Elizabeth:
    I'm not surprised in the least that she picked you. What an honor.
    And, Absolutely, Sixth Grade Rocks!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade