Friday, January 30, 2015

We reached 100!!!!!

NOT 100 days of school, (not yet.) This is actually day 95. 

100 PAGES in our Math notebooks! 

When I said to my students, "Turn in your journals and number page 100", several class periods actually cheered! 
I love that they are excited about what we do in our notebooks!!!! 

page 1- 47 can be seen here

So, like always, here's my PHOTO look into our notebooks! 

Beware,  this post has LOTS of pictures!!! 

I start every unit off the same way. 
We have a pocket for incomplete work and a table of contents PER unit. 
It works wonderfully! 

This has been the best way for me to teach the metric system. I feel it is out of place this year, but that is beyond my control. My students did well with it and remember our mnemonic fairly easily. 
Kids Hate Decimals Unless Decimals Create Money! 

We also include a page for warm ups. We just add them as we do it. 
And egads! A blank page. Not sure what happened there. 
Should have been a vocabulary I am sure... 

Love this page! Love teaching these concepts! 
That factor tree I saw from Runde's Room! 

I also love teaching order of operations. 
not sure I love PEMDAS, but it does work. 

This year I used the foldable from Live. Love. Math for my left side. 

This activity is also from Live. Love. Math 

It is designed differently and this is not how I have done it in the past. I won't do it this way again  either, but it's a long story how this appeared in our notebook... 
GREAT activity though! Be sure to check it out! 

Sometimes a foldable is created together as a class. 
I have since made these for printing next year. 

I did share about this here. The feedback was great and it became a product. 
This activity is available here

Both of these pages are from Gina Wilson at All things Algebra.

We have been told  that we need to use Cornell notes. This is an attempt. We only glue the top down so we can add multiple pages or write on the notebook paper underneath it. 

This is not my favorite way to do vocabulary, but it was part of Math Writing for my Daily 3. 

One of my most favorite lessons about quadrant planes and coordinate pairs. 

This year I had to include the Cornell notes style. Students did write a summary as well. Their teacher hasn't gotten around to that.  (hee hee) 

Learn about this lesson here or here. I got it from Math = Love

More Cornell Notes.... 

I am not a fan of so much paper on top of paper, so instead of using the Cornell Notes paper, We did our foldable on the right side and I had them draw in the questions and summary portion. 

I made these quick notes with a 4mula Fun template. 
Do you get her newsletter? You should, this was a freebie!!! 

Anyway, had my students do a Venn Diagram for their own notes and then write a summary. 

I am making Cornell Notes fit my class and how I like to teach. we're just mixing it up! 

Sorry that many of my "writing" samples are not complete, but my students have their complete. They have been writing fools. I do check these and they have been getting daily grades for these too. Math Writing is part of my Daily 3 and they have to meet these expectations. 

I gave my students a paper clip and they used their pencils to spin the spinner. Students had to give one fact to a partner about the angle that the spinner landed on. It was a review activity. 
Then they wrote a summary about angle types. 

 And here it is, our 100th page!!!! 

The book mark is from Live Love Math
My students have been using it along with her task cards for area with composite figures. 

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  1. HOLY POOP! You have been super busy and these are FABULOUS! :) I am totally in love with all that you have done with your kiddos this year and to think, you still have many more months to add to this amazing resource.

    Jennifer Smith-Sloane

  2. I made it onto the 100th page!!! We will hit our 100th next week or early the week after. I am pon page 86 in 6th grade and 95 in 7th!

  3. I break mine INB up by unit/standard and we start over with our numbers, but love all the work you have done. They will have such a great resource in the end. This is my second year and I want to get better and better. I staple everything - task card sheets, worksheets, quizzes, tests, etc. Into each page that cooresponds or is within the unit. Thank you for this post. It keeps going to do more!