Sunday, February 1, 2015

February Currently

A new month? January went by really fast! 

Time to link up with Farley for some fun! 

Yes, I was multi tasking. I needed to call her before I got too busy with Super Bowl preparations. 

I am also into a real book! Gone Girl... it is sooooo good. I love reading a real book and not something on my iPad or phone. It just feels right. 

Is it too early to be ready for Spring Break? School is fine, nothing bad or good. I am just ready to be home I guess. 

I am pulling for the Seahawks tonight! Will you be watching? 

We have about 30 people coming for the game. My husband is smoking 2 briskets as I speak. My little guys are so excited for everyone to come, they love parties! I have lots to do though.... 

I consider myself kinda sassy, so that's why my name would be sass-a-frass! I had to keep it clean. 

Happy February and GO HAWKS!!! 

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  1. Enjoy your Super Bowl party! We were looking forward to attending a party...but we'll have more than a foot of snow before then so not sure we'll make it out! I have heard so many good things about Gone Girl...I may have to check it out! Hope you get to see your Seahawks win tonight! :-)

  2. I'm such a book nerd! I own way too many and I'm at the library all the time! I just love a good, real book!! Enjoy your Superbowl party!
    P.S. I'm ready for spring break too!! :)
    -Elyse @ A is for Apples

  3. I love Sass-a-Frass! Several of my high school friends (we won't say how long we've been friends) call me Sassy Pants, so that's right up my alley! Enjoy your Super Bowl party and all the fun!

  4. I'm reading Gone Girl, too! I'm on page 180, and of course I see the movie yesterday on sale at Target for $15. I couldn't even buy it because I know I'd watch it instead of finishing the book first! I'm hooked. :)

    The 4th Grade Journey