Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June Currently

It's June!!! 
I'm still in a school for a few days, plus I am teaching summer school, but I am still excited for SUMMER! 

Linking with Farley for Currently, a blogger favorite. 

First though, she is hosting a donation for some flood victims in Wimberley,Texas. Be sure to check out the details on her blog

And now... 

Most are self explanatory. 

Silence is my life is rare and I am experiencing some wonderful quiet time. Just soaking it all in! 

I also have a lot on my mind. I am moving from 6th grade to 3rd grade. That means moving schools. That means packing and I LOATHE packing and moving. 

Since I am doing summer school at the middle school, I have a few more weeks before everything HAS to be out, but again, I LOATHE moving!!!! 

This week is going to be tough on me emotionally.
My youngest is graduating from Pre-K today and in two days I have a senior that is graduating from high school. I have been a mess for about two weeks because of this one. Addressing graduation announcements was horrible. This whole thing is so heart wrenching. I am so proud of my son and all he is accomplished and honestly, I don't want him to stay young. Guess its a proud cry! 

Summer is going to be busy. I am teaching summer school, presenting at CAMT (large Texas Math conference) and changing grade levels. I hope to get some sleeping in (after summer school of course) and a few more trips too. If I'm really lucky, I will get to Vegas. FINGERS CROSSED for that one!!!! And of course, I will be at the baseball field every weekend, hope its not a super hot one!!! 

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  1. My baby just graduated from high school. I've cried all year. You know in your mind that you have to let them fly out of the nest, but your heart tells you to hold on. We'll be ok, right?
    On the Go Teacher Mama

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  3. I have moved from 6th grade, to 4th, and for the past 3 years down to 3rd. I am really enjoying this grade level. I hope you find the transition easy... well, except for moving all that classroom stuff. It's a big job for sure.

    Flip Floppin' Through 3rd Grade

  4. Oh wow!! 2 graduations to attend! Good luck with your move, what a big move but i'm sure you'll enjoy it once you are settled!! I feel for you all having to pack up your classrooms at the end of each year - here we just have to put everything tidy in the classroom for cleaners and otherwise leave it like it is! I hope you get to go to Vegas for the conference! If so have a fabulous time, be sure to post some updates for all of us jealous monsters who can't get to go this year!

  5. thanks so very much for donating… it is very much appreciated

    and OH my GOSH you are presenting at CAMT!!! that is awesome!!!