Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday Made It- August 17th

I am officially back to work. I started Friday, then went on a mini vacation this weekend and now back for a full week of PD and kids next week! 

Yes,  you read that right. My husband decided we needed to leave down this weekend. Inside I was panicking. Seriously, I have so much to do. 

Family does come first though. We had this weekend planned for a long time. 
And of course, it was super fun! 

So, my Monday Made It's will be few this week. It's not that I didn't do a lot, I just don't have it ready for blogging. Much of it is my classroom anyway, which I am revealing in a different linky party coming up. 

But, here's what I do have to share with you. 

Last week, my buddy Alison from Rockin' and Lovin' and Learnin' shared her Scientific Method plates. 
Done and hanging my room already! 

I have decided to use brag  tags in my classroom this year. Obviously I am not finished, but I am working on my box holder. It's not bad, I just need more time! (don't we all?) 

Making labels for my book bins that I don't have. Nor do I have books for them yet. 
Time people, I need T-I-M-E!
 These are from The Brown Bag Teacher. 

 My school is a Leader in Me school and I am embracing it. 
I am using Hope King's Desire to Inspire quotes in my room. These are for Meet the Teacher Night this Thursday. It is our first quote we will study and focus on. I plan to wrote a note on the back of each for my students as a welcome. 

I am really excited about these quotes. It's a huge part of my classroom decor. I also can't wait to share how it looks in my classroom. That will have to wait for another day though.  

It's late and I am presenting tomorrow for our district PD. I have to get some sleep! 
Happy Monday everyone and hope you are enjoying either the last few weeks of your summer or the first few weeks of your new school year! 

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  1. That girl Alison that you speak of...she thinks YOU ROCK! If I could give you some more KNOW I so would! I was laughing about you going out of town....not at you, but at the circumstance because I GET it! One of my friends said her husband stuck her in the car yesterday and drove out of the city limits so she couldn't go to school. She really felt like she was being punished. Sweet Jerm brought me lunch today...during the RAIN and the K-2 Orientation. Plus he did laundry all day on Saturday. He told me that right there is true love! Have a great week!!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. I want to remember to display things vertically on a ribbon. Thanks for reminding me. See you around. Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

  3. I love your ideas-- especially the book labels. You will have to show the finished library!

    My Bright Blue House

  4. I love the plates! What a cute idea. It seems as if my list of things I didn't have time for this summer is longer than the list of accomplishments, deep sigh.