Friday, August 1, 2014

Bananas for Bundles

I have been super busy this week, super productive! After being lazy and unproductive the first 7 weeks of summer, I filled this week with all nighters! 

Okay, not really, I love my sleep way too much. But, in all honesty, I have worked long and hard this week. 

I am trying to make a commitment to better my products and work my TpT store more. I love what I buy from the fantastic stores and I want my products to be the same. 

Just in time for the big sale! 

Something I taught myself this week was BUNDLING!!! Bundles save money and we ALL love saving money. (well, at least I do!) I also learned about linking my products to similar products. I will post about that on a Tried it Tuesday soon. 

 I created this bundle of my factor task cards.
Least Common Multiple
Prime Factorization 
Greatest Common Factor 

I also revamped and updated my skill cards. I bundled those as well. 
They are the same problems I had before, just redone. 

For my Texas middle school teachers, I created cards for the new TEKS we are implementing starting this year. I bundled them as well and even have a GREAT deal for Math Departments

I have also been scouring my own wish list. I have several things marked.
 I am getting some clip art and this as well. 
Common Core Daily Math Warm Ups {6th Grade}
I catch myself not preparing warm ups as timely as I should. 
Well, Maneuvering the Middle has done it for me!

Don't forget, I am having a SUMMER GIVEAWAY, that ends  this Sunday. 
Winners will be announced Monday! 
Enter to win a teacher shirt and a pencil sharpener 
Click here to enter. 

Be sure to check out these new options and your own wish lists as well. It's time to get our sale on! 

Happy Friday! 

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