Sunday, August 17, 2014

Day 2 Giveaway: Math Earrings by MMD

Yesterday's Winner of the Math Clock is: 

Check your email to claim your prize. 

Remember, EVERYONE WINS!!!! 
You can download this for FREE for the next FOUR days. 

This will only be free during this giveaway which will last 4 more days
It will be available for sale in my store after the 5 day giveaway. 

Today's Prize: 

Adorably Math-y Ruler Earrings (shipping included)
Adorably Math-y Ruler Earrings (shipping included)

Ruler Earrings by Miss Math Dork 
I own two pair of her earrings and they are wonderfully made! You will love these! 

              Remember, come back tomorrow to see who the winner is AND to enter for a new prize!

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