Friday, August 15, 2014

Five for FIVE HUNDRED!!!!! (and Friday)

Last month, I reached 500 followers. 
This is BIG! 
So I want this giveaway to be BIG. 

For this giveaway there will be FIVE winners, yes, FIVE! 

I recently made some new student reward cards with my new clip art. 
The giveaway starts tomorrow, this will go live with that post.  

This will only be free during this giveaway which will last 5 days
It will be available for sale in my store after the 5 day giveaway. 

There will be a new winner and a new prize DAILY
for FIVE days
I know, we are all busy and entering everyday will be a challenge, but maybe these prizes will make it worth a quick trip to my blog to enter. 

 A math-inspired clock 

 A pair of Nerdy Math Ruler Earrings from Miss Math Dork 
Adorably Math-y Ruler Earrings (shipping included)
Adorably Math-y Ruler Earrings (shipping included)

This activity was created by Jennifer at Teaching High School Math

I love it soooo much, I MADE one for you!!! 
You will win the complete bulletin board. 
All you will have to do is staple it your wall! 

 A set of Jamberry Nail Art 

 Teacher Supply Bag 
This bag is filled with teacher supplies and goodies. 
I promise it will be useful! 

Due to prizes being hard goods, I will have to limit it to US residents only. I apologize ahead of time. 

Be sure to check back daily. 
Want a reminder? 
Like Hodges Herald on Facebook. I will post daily reminders.

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  1. Enjoyed looking at all your Math ideas. I made a wreath out of cut rulers. I like the earrings! Trying to figure out how to make some real rulers. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love your stuff! How do I enter your give away?

    1. Thank you

      Each day there will be a new rafflecopter for the prize of the day.

      Be sure to check back daily!!!

  3. YAY, YAY, YAY! So excited for your 500 followers. Absolute awesomeness!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'