Friday, August 29, 2014

National College Colors Day

Since today is National College Colors Day, I thought it would be good to share our faculty's door contest. We will have an announcement later during a faculty meeting, I will let you know how that goes. 

Keep scrolling because I am having a contest for them too and I would like your help with it. 
Door 1 

I shared mine on Monday. 

Check out all these talented folks!!! 
 Door 2 

 Door 3

 Door 4

 Door 5

Door 6 

 Door 7

 Door 8

 Door 9

 Door 10

 Door 11

 Door 12

Door 13

 Door 14

 Door 15

 Door 16

 Door 17

 Door 18

 Door 19

 Door 20

 Door 21

 Door 22

 Door 23

 Door 24
 Door 25

 Door 26

 Door 27

 Door 28

 Door 29

 Door 30

 Door 31

 Door 32

Door 33

To make this fun, I would like for you to vote for your favorite door.
 Just leave a comment with the number you  like the most. 
When I have a winner, I will award the teacher here at my school with a prize! 
They deserve it, they are working really hard this year!!! 
Please note: Door numbers are below the door. 

Thanks for your support!

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