Friday, August 8, 2014

Five for Friday-August 8th

Time to link up with Doodle Bugs!!!! 


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This was my last official Friday off, but I worked. This was day 2 of curriculum writing. 
Each grade level created all six weeks calendars. These are VERY rough drafts. 
We also matched our Year at a glance Resource with our new textbook. 
Not shown above are the 13, yes THIRTEEN, district assessments for the entire year!!!! 
A lot of work, but worth it. 

Now, my job is to merge 6th and 7th to create one for my Advanced Classes!!! 

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This was my second day back on campus, so I took some time to actually move all my junk stuff into my new classroom. Now, it looks like this: 

Let's just say YUCK!! 
This means, I have a LOT of work to do!!! 

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Instead of working on my room, I went shopping! Yep, I had a few hours WITHOUT children to shop!!!
 I actually found something other than shoes! 
These are Palazzo pants. This picture does no justice to how cute they are! 
Alison from Rockin and Lovin and Learnin talks about them all the time. 
I am sold! 

I could have hung this shirt nicer because it looks slouchy, but its not. 
That's a skirt behind it. It doesn't look it, but the shirt and the stripes are green. 
Super comfy! 
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I ordered a cartoon character of myself and it turned out AMAZING!!!!!
Nikki from Melonheadz created it and it's AWESOME. She even got my new highlights right!!!!
I got a character made of myself to use on Facebook, TpT, and my business stuff. 
I can't reveal it here yet, but if you follow me on Instagram, you can see it. 
My Instagram is :hodgesgal23 

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We are heading to San Antonio for a last weekend getaway tomorrow morning. 
I have 3 more days of summer, officially, but I will be working at school starting Tuesday (you did see the madness above, right? 
I am excited to go away, but I am not looking forward to being HOT. We are going with our neighbors and best friends and taking our children to Fiesta Texas. I love roller coasters. I dislike hot though. 
We are also going to the Riverwalk and maybe the Alamo.  
My friend has lived in Texas for over 10 years and she hasn't even been to the Riverwalk. 
How is that even possible? 
I plan to set her straight. 

Happy Friday and for those of you in school already, enjoy  your weekend off! 

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